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Democracy: Where we missed the bus – Obasanjo


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Former President Olusegun of Obasanjo has said Nigeria’s democracy, after six decades of political independence, has remained stagnated, even deepened negativities, because leaders are not demonstrating capacities to provide transformative leadership that unites Nigerians.

Obasanjo, as Keynote Speaker, was among guests to Rivers state Governor Nyesom Wike Thursday in Port Harcourt where he reflected on.

“Respecting The Principles Of Democracy” at the Rivers State Government facilitated International Conference On “Deepening Democratic Culture And Institutions
For Sustainable Development And Security In Nigeria”

Commending Wike for the gathering, Obasanjo said, “It has been a while since academics, politicians, policymakers and professionals from all over the world came together to discuss Nigeria. We sure need more opportunities to interrogate and understand our past and present, to design and plan our future”

In the highlights of his presentation, the former President attempted to to redirect stakeholders minds to where they missed the bus in the conviction that if the citizens were patient, humble, reflective, and willing, another bus (2023 elections) is just around the corner only if the people were ready to be active passengers

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