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CSU outburst: Blame Peter Obi for Agbakoba’s mistake! ~ by Carole Ajie


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Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, has been lampooned for calling on the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) to stop lawyers from commenting on the Chicago State University (CSU)  Bola Ahmed Tinubu certificate issues.

I did send a text days ago to the effect asking: how could you, Agbakoba stifle free speech?

I, Dame Carol, personally haven’t written or published on CSU.

Constitutional and Human Rights Lawyer, Carol Ajie
The author, Constitutional and Human Rights Lawyer, Carol Ajie

You recall that in April 2023 this same Agbakoba in an exquisite interview on Arise TV, was cerebral.

He has a truckload of interviews, quite alright, but this was one of his best.

Watch the interview here:

Agbakoba, SAN, was the pioneer president of Civil Liberties Organization (CLO),  President of NBA 2006-2008 and probably a life Bencher, I don’t know and I don’t care about BoB, SAN or LPPC; all I care about is Truth.

He was truthful and honest about his views thereat. At the time, the election petition had been filed by Obi’s team.

In his anxiety he wanted the matter disposed of within 7 days, he called for judicial transformation following the Kenyan example.

Agbakoba enthused that s134 CFRN ref 25% of the votes in 24 States  FCT was clear and unambiguous. That the literal interpretation approach could resolve the petition promptly.

He said the lawyers and litigators in the matter should treat this question soonest given that 29 May inauguration date was then close by pertinent the issues be resolved before swearing-in date.

He said he sits in arbitration in the city of London and had considered more complex issues and had same determined within hours.

Now following Agbakoba’s brilliant presentation aforesaid one would think that driven by a great patriotic zeal, Obi would initiate a phone call or email to his older brother both of whom are coincidentally Catholics from South East to laud Agbakoba’s quintessential outing on Arise TV.

Look one of Agbakoba’s juniors, ie a SAN not junior in chambers. I mean Agbakoba took silk before him. The said junior SAN went somewhere and said to those who believed him that he had declined to join Tinubu’s legal team. What followed?

Peter Obi went to the said junior SAN, ‘celebrated’ him and made a ‘press show’ of it. Whereas the same PO did not call Agbakoba a more senior, more brilliant and cerebral SAN.

Other litigants would have taken the step to request Agbakoba to join the Peter Obi’s legal team to enable them hatch the 7-day resolution by narrowing the issues for determination to s134 CFRN argument only on point of law.

Six months thence, CSU Tinubu’s certificate saga comes up and the same Olisa Agbakoba speaks in a tone suggestive of a veiled tyranny by the Nigerian Civil Society hero.

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