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Consistency and astuteness: the Kamen Chuks style ~ by Vincent Obiora


Being constant and consistent in defending and standing in for a Boss, friend, spouse, colleague, ally or whoever you are close to, work for, work with or live with should be one of the hardest work or effort in this life.

Rising up to defend and intelligently diffuse false narratives against a friend, is an art which can only be found in a vibrant and capable fellow just as documented in the books of Sun Tzu particularly “the art of war”

I have watched with keen interest and cat’s induced observations the effortless capacity of Mr. Kamen as a media strategist (online and offline) in dismantling political opponents’ lies and fabrications against his principal (The prince of the Senate). It must definitely be a tough job for him, as these unfounded speculations are churned out week in week out.

For a man who is well loved by his people, (Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah) definitely there will be jealousy and antagonisms towards his personality. Majority of these arts of disinformation can only be exhibited on the social media space and most at local beer palours, where gossip thrive. Therefore, it becomes a herculean task, an onerous one at that, to stand in the gap and bring down these walls of lies and propaganda.

One reason most of them can’t say anything to the man himself (the Senator) is simply because they can’t beat the reach and wealth of the Odogwu, then they usually resort to the social media space where they use monikers and false names and handles to exhibit their nefarious wicked acts of lies and fake narratives.

Having a man like Kamen is a blessing to the Ifeanyi Ubah Media and Political Group.
No doubt most of those fake stories have been confined to their rightful places – the trash bin.

Kamen alongside his team made it possible.

It is on record that most of those writers now usually have a rethinking of their write ups before posting.

Kamen made me understand that a lie can travel around the world, while the truth is still putting on its shoes, that I should always be careful with what I hear usually from political enemies.

To say the least, I was converted to this side first by Kamen’s dexterity and “Let’s get it done” dedication to duty. Followed by verifications of his postings on the achievements of Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am convinced that I am on the right path. Yes, I will vote for Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah as the Senator to continue representing the good people of Anambra South in the Red chamber. And I will not stop at just voting for him but also convince as many as possible to vote for continuity and consolidation mandate of Senator Ifeanyi Ubah.

Therefore, the duty to return Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah to the Red Chamber is a task that must be seen to fruition in the interest of all good people of Anambra South.

Thank you, Hon., Kamen Chuks for being steadfast to the cause as we join you and others on the train of consolidation and continuity.


Vincent Chinyelugo Obiora writes from Enugu.

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