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Commissioner Ugorji raises the bar for Uzodimma’s reelection in Imo

Recognizes and rekindles the commitment of the pioneer APC ward chairmen in Aboh Mbaise and expands the reach of Iheatu political action committee


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First, he elevated the political game with an iconic poem titled “Paint Me Four,” in which he asserted Governor Hope Uzodimma’s perch in the pantheon of Igbo political leaders. That poem compelled some newspapers in Owerri to declare him “the poet laureate of Imo State.”

Now Dr. Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji, the Imo State Commissioner for Homeland Security and Vigilante Affairs, has expanded the reach of a new political organization in support of the reelection of his principal.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, there was a historic and emotional reunion as the pioneer Ward Chairmen of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area met with their preeminent homeboy, the Imo State Commissioner for Homeland Security and Vigilante Affairs, Dr. Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji.

The former Ward Chairmen who established the APC in Aboh Mbaise when it was very risky to do so, were led by the pioneer LGA Chairman of APC in Aboh Mbaise, Nze Julian Nwogu.

The special guest at the meeting was Sir Justus Ogu, who is the Zonal Chairman of APC in Owerri Zone and the state party Vice Chairman. The current Chairman of the party in Aboh Mbaise, Mr. Tony Awusaku, was also invited, according to Dr. Ugorji.

“Every organization, including a political party, must have institutional memories,” Dr. Ugorji told the former Ward Chairmen.

Ugorji [left] at the meeting
“Watch how Governor Hope Uzodimma makes a point at every event to recognize the former State Chairman of APC, Prince Nlemigbo.

“That frequent recognition takes nothing away from the current State Chairman, Dr. McDonald Ebere.

“So, I welcome all of you today, first as a celebration and recognition of your pioneering efforts for APC.

“Second, I invited you to try and convince you to join me and other well-meaning Mbaisenites in the mission to reelect Governor Hope Uzodimma,” the Commissioner pointed out.

Dr. Ugorji went on to discuss the Ministry he heads as Commissioner – Homeland Security and Vigilante Affairs.

He shared that Governor Hope Uzodimma has invested heavily to enable the state have the peace and security we currently enjoy in Imo State.

The pioneer LGA Chairman of the APC in Aboh Mbaise, Nze Nwogu, was elated that a leader in Aboh Mbaise had stepped out to remember that some people built the party when it was being called the Moslem party in Imo State.

“Thanks to the political success and formidable leadership of Senator Hope Uzodimma, APC is now the dominant political party in Imo State,” Nwogu said.

He went on to regret, however, that those who started the party in Aboh Mbaise have been pushed aside and forgotten.

“For remembering us today, for reaching out to us, may Aboh Mbaise and Imo State remember you fondly long after your service as Commissioner!” Nwogu prayed.

Nze Nwogu went on to say that the meeting with the Commissioner will resonate at the polls on November 11, 2023.

“Commissioner, I must tell you that the Governor may not know the impact of what you’ve done today. Many of the people you see here were so angry that they wanted to make a statement on election day against the party.

“You have changed all of that. This is not about money; since you thought us worthy of honour and remembrance, we will redirect our frustration to delivering our booths for His Excellency on election day,” Ogu said.

The Zonal Chairman of APC in Owerri Zone and the party’s State Vice Chairman, Sir Justus Ogu, was a little awe struck at a meeting.

“Commissioner, what you’ve done today is exceptional. Many politicians use people and dump them. Today you said enough of that,” Ogu said. Ogu told the leaders that God had remembered them through Dr. Ugorji.

He asked them to forgive those who had pushed them aside; “be part of the history of the victory of the Governor on November 11th” he charged them.

Speaking for the pioneer Ward Chairmen, Mr. Chidi Nwokoma from Nguru Nweke Ward, said that each one of the pioneer Ward Chairmen still has followers.

“We have seen and read about your push for transparency and accountability. We admire your courage. We also see the arrows shot at you. We ask you not to relent. We will work with you anytime you invite us,” he said.

In thanking the leaders for their kind words, Dr. Ugorji said he set out in politics to expand the political space to those who are shut out and to uplift those who feel left out.

He did it with the Youth Force who later became the Youth Advocates and GLOs. He did it with the former Campaign Council Chairman of Aboh Mbaise, who he brought back from political Siberia, and he did it by sticking out his neck in support of the woman SOLAD of Aboh Mbaise.

“I want to institutionalize our values with the Iheatu Political Action Committee, in support of our Godsent governor’s reelection,” Dr. Ugorji said.

He assured the leaders that the change that has come to the political culture of Aboh Mbaise will overcome all obstacles.

“With Chukwu on our side, we shall possess the sky on November 11, 2023 and beyond,” Ugorji said.

Others who attended the meeting were: Udochukwu Uchendu (Nguru Nwenkwo Ward), Chidi Nwokoma (Nguru Nweke Ward), Felix Isinabu (Mbutu Ward), Ndudiri Njoku (Uvuru Ward 1), Dennis Ulokanjo (Amuzu Ward), Nathaniel Onwukwe (Uvuru Ward 2), Ukanwa Onyekwere (Lorji Ward), the late Okechukwu Onwumere (Ibeku Ward, who was represented for spousal support, and for whom a moment of silence was observed), Iheanyi Nwachukwu (Umuhu Ward), and John Ikewe (Lagwa Ward).

The writer, Ephraim C. Anokwuru, is the Youth Advocates Coordinator for the Lorji Ward, Aboh Mbaise LGA, Imo State.

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