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Coalition to hold virtual international conference on implications of Atiku CSU case on Nigeria’s image


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The International Conference on the Implications of the Atiku vs. Chicago State University Case on the Image of Nigeria is set to address a pressing issue that has global significance.

This conference goes beyond mere discussion; it aims to dissect the legal intricacies surrounding the case, shedding light on possible critical legal infringements of both Nigerian and U.S. laws.

Furthermore, it will explore how Nigerians in the Diaspora can play an active role in engaging the legal and political systems of both nations to ensure accountability for all individuals and institutions implicated in the scandal.

One focal point of the conference will examine the global psychological implications of allegations of forgery on the President of Nigeria.

This event will delve into the potential repercussions on the Nigerian Diaspora community and assess the President’s ability to effectively manage Nigeria’s image on the international stage with a bagage of forgery on him.

The culmination of the conference will be a concise and action-oriented communique.

This document will outline the key takeaways, recommendations, and calls for action resulting from the discussions. It will be disseminated to the press in Nigeria and the United States.

The communique will also be made available to pivotal authorities, including the U.S. State Department, Chicago State University officials, the FBI, and the Nigerian Embassy in the United States.

Three distinguished keynote speakers will address the conference, providing their insights and expertise on the subject matter.

After their presentations, an interactive Q&A session will allow participants to engage directly with the speakers and further explore the issues.

This conference aims to foster a deeper understanding of the Atiku vs. Chicago State University case, its implications on Nigeria’s image, and the potential avenues for legal recourse and accountability.

By bringing together experts, academics, legal professionals, and concerned citizens, this event will contribute to a more informed and proactive approach to addressing this complex issue, ultimately seeking justice and transparency.

The conveners of the conference includes:

1. Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy, Inc.(NACJD), USA

2. Champions of Democracy, USA

3. African Diaspora for Good Governance, Inc (ADGG), USA

4. Global Nigerian Diaspora Forum (GNDF)

5. Diaspora Medics 4 Good Governance (DM4GG)

6. Diaspora Action For Democracy in Africa (DADA)

Conference Team:
1. Chijike K Ndukwu
2. Chief Franklin Ekechukwu
3. Daniel Elombah
4. Chukwudi Muojieje

Date: October 14, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM, ET; 6:00 PM, Nigerian Time.

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