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Caleb Danladi Foundation Trains Widows on Vocational Skill Acquisition 

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Caleb Danladi FoundationCaleb Danladi Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered in Nigeria with the heart of reaching the most vulnerable persons in the society. CDF

works to improve the living standard of less privilege persons in the society. 

[Image: Caleb Danladi, President, Caleb Danladi Foundation speaking with the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria [CAN] women wing, Kaduna state, during CAN annual festival]

CDF has been raising funds and operating programs that focus on issues such as empowering widows, assisting orphans who need education and entrepreneurship skills to better their future, offer charitable and humanitarian assistance to elderly, physically challenged, poor children and victims of disaster, community and rural development.   

Caleb Danladi Foundation is founded by Mr Caleb Danladi Bako, who believes that we make a living by what we get, and we improve life by what we give. 

[Attached pictures are when the agreement was made with the leadership of CAN women wing Kaduna state. Presently, the Foundation has kicked off the training]

This is part of the motivation why CDF support young people to live to their full potentials, as well as deploying resources to promote a culture of self-reliance among widows to enable them cater for themselves and their family. 

Caleb Danladi Foundation’s project on empowering widows is in line with her aim and objectives. Widows around the world are living in extreme poverty. 

A situation United Nations in 1995 defined as a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information.

Reduction of extreme poverty was the first Millennium Development Goal 1 set by United Nations state members in 2000. Caleb Danladi Foundation is actively working to reduce the harsh conditions of poor widows in Nigeria. 

 As part of efforts to ameliorate the plight of Indigent Widows in our society, Caleb Danladi Foundation recently engaged 23 widows across different location of Kaduna State on vocational and skill acquisition training such as sewing, hair dressing and catering services.  

The objective of the scheme is to empower widows and uplift their economic status through skill acquisition. The foundation is convinced that by creating such programmes, widows will get financial assistance and be able to live a better life on their own and not depend only on family members.  

Mr Caleb Danladi Bako

Founder Caleb Danladi Foundation

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