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Bury your head in shame, you cannot distract Buhari – Lagos APC to PDP

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Press Release – The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has told the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to shut up and bury its head in shame

instead of trying to distract the present Buhari regime by its irrational hecklings and outlandish statements. 

The party said that for a PDP that totally destroyed the Nigerian economy and stole sixteen years of the nation’s providential oil boom to now mount a daily credo of rootless criticism of a regime that is working so hard to recover the country from PDP’s wasteful hangover, shows that it is insulting the intelligence of Nigerians who roundly rejected it some months ago.

 In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that the shocking revelations of looting, corruption, plundering and impunity of the nation’s treasury by officials of the PDP is enough to lead to the proscription of the party and wondered why it feels it will distract the present Buhari government from rescuing Nigeria with its baseless noises. 

The party advises the PDP to bear the burden of its corrupt acts as its pranks will not deter President Buhari from rescuing Nigeria from the pits dug by the PDP.

 “We observe that rather than keep quiet as Nigerians brace up with the shocking details of its nefarious acts of public stealing and corruption, the PDP has inundated the Nigerian space with spurious wolf crying as a way of staving off prosecution for its many corrupt acts. 

When it is not crying wolf, the PDP is making specious and ridiculous allegations of nonperformance on a regime that has in three eventful months cleared much of the debris of rot and decay it studiously built to wreck Nigeria in sixteen years of criminal leadership. 

It said that what survived the regrettable PDP years are the litany of self-scripted spurious testimonials of superlative performance of the economy in the face of debilitating poverty, dead and crumbled infrastructures, relentless stealing of public funds and stupendous promotion of corrupt acts in every sector of governance. 

A show of PDP’s dubious record is that life hit a halt as the PDP was disgraced out of office, with power supply going extinct, unemployment reaching a record high, poverty pervading more than eighty per cent of Nigerians, all known public infrastructures wrecked and unprecedented gluttony that saw PDP officials stealing every sector blind. 

This was the dishonest record President Buhari inherited and which he has significantly corrected in three months of disciplined leadership.

“Nigerians are very much aware of the notorious record of despoliation left behind by the PDP which obtains in freely stealing resources that would have bettered the lots of Nigerians and leaving the country prostrate. 

“This was the single greatest reason that led to the humiliating defeat the PDP suffered in March.

“But the party, choosing to play the ostrich, have struggled to make funny allegations that a President Buhari government that has made so much efforts to clear the mess left behind by the PDP, is not performing when it has no known record of performance to show for its sixteen years of bizarre wreckage of the country and its economy.

“Lagos APC has therefore advised Nigerians to ignore the antics of the PDP and rather ensure that the party continues its progressive march to the grave for the grave sin it committed against Nigerians for sixteen harrowing years.

“We urge Nigerians to continue to support President Buhari’s effort to clear the debris the PDP heaped on Nigeria through very strict management of the resources of the country and through an anti-corruption battle that will dislodge the corrupt structures the PDP employed to loot the country’s treasury. 

“We align with our party’s position that this war on corruption will rescue our country from the landmine of rot which PDP left behind and which they are desperately protecting by their silly efforts to distract the present on going sanitization of the country by the President Buhari government.”

Joe Igbokwe

Publicity Secretary, Lagos APC

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