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Buhari’s appointments are based on merit – Oshiomhole

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oshiomholePress Statement – The Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has commended the President Muhammadu Buhari over the recent

appointments of his Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Government of the Federation [SGF], Comptroller General of Customs and Presidential Liaison Officers to the National Assembly.

According to the Edo State Governor, the appointments are based on merit and not political sentiments or ethnic consideration as some tribal jingoists would have us believe. The Nigerian nation has come to a point where we have to use the best hands to confront the peculiarity of our problems.

It is not all the time we descend to the level of geopolitical balancing; we need to employ unusual methods to solve an unusual problem.

The level of decay in the country at present requires very seasoned hands and incorruptible Nigerians that would help to translate the APC agenda of change for the benefit of all Nigerians. We must not reduce governance to political patronage of bread and butter.

The Comrade Governor congratulates the Chief of Staff, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and the Comptroller General of Customs, all of whom he had had very close relationship with and whose credentials stand tall among their compeers. He wishes them well in their new jobs of helping to sanitize a system that has become so rotten and corrupt as a result of manifest incompetence and mismanagement.

Rather than condemn the President for taking this bold step, we should commend him for having the uncommon courage to take plausible decisions in the appointments he has made so far, as he settles down for the real task of governance.

If we must make a huge difference in the lives of Nigerians, things must be done differently. We cannot continue to apply same template in the recruitment of persons and expect different results. The new appointees are Nigerians who have served the country in different capacities before now and deserved every bit of our cooperation and support to make them excel in their new jobs.



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