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Buhari’s 100 days in perspective: Commissions and omissions

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1.“I will declare my asset publicly”: In the course of the campaign, Buhari promised in his well-publicised covenant to declare his assets publicly. Eventually, he

declared his asset secretly. After much hullaballoo and rantings in the mediasphere, he finally declared an asset that is best described as “belated” by some observers.

2. “I will stop and obey traffic regulations”: According to an eyewitness, “Yesterday we counted 124 Cars in his long intimidating Convoy. Motorists were stopped from plying some routes for close to 45 minutes as our Commander In Chief, Our Poor Man President made his way home.

3. “I will not interfere in the Senate presidency”: Well, it’s no secret that president Buhari declared his support for Senator Lawan Ahmed.

4. “I’ll make one naira equal to one dollar”: Our fingers are crossed.

5. “I will give you electronic super-fast trains not the locomotives provided by President Goodluck Jonathan”: Yet to be seen.

6. The then President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari barred the television crew of the African Independent Television from covering his activities until further notice.   

7. He made Timipre Sylva, who was then accused of stealing N19.2 billion from the Bayelsa State treasury while he governed the state between 2007 and 2011, as the head of his team. He made corrupt politicians the pillars of his team.

8. Investigations revealed that Aisha Buhari, wife of the President of Nigeria wore a Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch that cost £34,500 to President Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration on Friday, May 29 2015. That sounds ‘immodest’ for a man who had to borrow 27 million Naira to buy nomination form.

9. At the order of President Buhari, the Nigerian Air Force, under the guise of “War against oil thieves”, attacked the defenceless people of Akwa Ibom creeks and killed 350 innocent civilians.

10. Buhari lied that former President Goodluck Jonathan left an empty treasury. Investigation revealed that Jonathan left about $30 billion in treasury as was authenticated by Jonathan’s ex-minister.

11. Julius Berger stops work on Second Niger Bridge. For what candid reason if not his disdain for the Igbos in the Southeast who are the primary beneficiaries of the bridge?

12. Buhari appointed Lawal Daura as the Directorate of State Security [DSS] Director General who is a card carrying All Progressives Congress [APC] member; a clear violation of the ethics of appointments.

Another appointment that insults the sensibility of sound judgment is the appointment of the Acting Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC], Amina Bala Zakari, a pharmacist who hails from Jigawa State. Little investigation reveals that she is related to President Buhari through marriage. Yet was appointed to chair a sensitive office as INEC which is supposed to be “INDEPENDENT”, free from incursion and influence!

13. Nepotism/Tribalism: According to the failed states index reports, one the most important reasons for which a state becomes classified a failed state is group grievance or disharmony within a state. 

Against this backdrop the first test of a Nigerian leader is how well he navigates and manages the existential problems associated with the nation’s delicate diversity and in this critical test Buhari has failed woefully. The evidence of his failure is in the strident outcries that have trailed his blatantly sectional appointments since he was sworn in. His lopsided appointments have so brazenly gone to the North while excluding other regions.

According to Dr. Chris Eluemunor, “General Buhari does not like Igbo people and it is happening now with all the appointments he has so far made since he came into office on May 29, 2015

14. Selective victimisation in his corruption war: Much of what has passed for Buhari’s anti-corruption war has been politics and hypocrisy. While they have ended up making wild unsubstantiated allegations and politicising the corruption wahala in newspapers, the EFFC and ICPC has been largely dormant with no flurry of arrests and prosecutions, at the same time Buhari has been hypocritically hobnobbing and shielding well known corrupt individuals.

Notably, one of the things President Buhari was accused of during the campaigns was his tenacity for selective prosecutions.

15. Boko Haram: One of the strongest points of Buhari’s campaign was promising to end Boko Haram, but since coming to power, Boko Haram has continued its murderous rampage with even more ferocity. Thousands have been killed and maimed since he was sworn in.

16. Appropriating the Achievements of Jonathan: Because Buhari has no achievements of his own having spent time indulging in propaganda even after winning elections, he  is now mischievously trying to appropriate former president Goodluck Jonathan’s  achievements.  

Some cases in point are the refineries that recently became operational which Buhari who was barely two months in power when they became operational is trying to appropriate, yet it takes 18-24 months for a complete overhaul of badly broken refineries that have been in disrepair since Babangida’s military regime.

Another if the power sector which saw Jonathan’s administration putting on ground infrastructures that can yield up to 11,000 megawatts by the end of 2015.

17. In the course of his campaigns, Buhari promised social welfare payments for the poor, free meals for students, free education, free medical care, the establishment of regional development agencies, creation of 1 million new jobs annually amongst other lavish promises. But 7 months after winning elections and almost 4 months after being sworn in there is not a single initiative, action plan or road map for the implementation of any of the campaign promises. 

Indeed there is no longer any talk of any of the campaign promises. The many campaign promises have turned out to be a scam with which Buhari and his enablers hoodwinked the gullible.

18. On Thursday, September 3, 2015, the very essence of our democracy and our freedom were shamelessly assaulted by terrorists masking as operatives of the department of State Security Service, otherwise known as SSS.

In broad day light and in a fully democratic country where the rule of law is sacrosanct; a special squad of the SSS consisting of operatives from Abuja and a detachment from Uyo, in a commando style, launched a brazen attack on the official residence of our Executive Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel.

19. Since winning election, Buhari has been singing a new tune totally different from what he told us prior to the elections. From “don’t expect miracles”, to “my agenda threatened by falling oil prices”. Now we even hear that the APC’s manifestos which Nigerians voted for ‘is not the bible or Qur’an which cannot be change’

20. In three months Buhari could grant 63 refinery licenses – all to persons of Northern extraction, without even a single person from the Niger-Delta.

21. Vanguard newspapers yesterday reported that the Stock Exchange had lost lost 1.6 trillion naira in the three months of President Buhari’s reign. This is largely due to the indecision illness he is suffering from.

22. The sitting president of a heterogeneous country like Nigeria declared that he would not treat equal those who gave him 95% with those who gave him 5%, and has gone ahead to implement such declaration within the first 100 days.

There is every tendency that the president will not honor any of his promises to the electorates. 

According to one observer, this is “another one-chance bus”.


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