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BREAKING: Tell Nigerians who you are and resign immediately, Peter Obi tells Tinubu


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The Labour Party (LP) candidate in the February 25 presidential election has told President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to tell Nigerians who he really is and to resign from office immediately.

Peter Obi made the “plea” during a press conference entitled “Text of press conference on Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s identity issues by LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi” held on Wednesday, October 11, 2903, at the Odi/Datti Presidential Campaign Headquarters in Abuja.

Obi said he was compelled to call for the press conference following the embarrassing revelation from Chicago State University where his identity, academic credentials and integrity were questioned.

Speaking to newsmen, he said at home and abroad in different parts of the world with “embarrassing questions about Nigeria’s overall credibility as a nation” because of Tinubu.

He said: “Chief Bola Tinubu should have saved the nation and himself from this protracted embarrassment and undue anxiety. Even this late in the day, however, Chief Bola Tinubu still owes the nation and the world a simple debt of obligation that only he can discharge.

“I call on him to immediately and personally mount the rostrum of his present high office to perform a simple task once and for all time. He should re-introduce himself to the nation he governs and to the world for the avoidance of further doubt.

“He should let the world know his name, nationality his place of birth, his parentage, the primary and secondary schools he attended with dates as well as the actual universities he attended and certificates obtained.

“He should indicate clearly where and when he did his National Youth Service. In addition, if at any time he has had a change of name, he should clearly state so and the circumstances.

“That, in itself, is no crime. This simple task should take no more than a few minutes.”

He, however, noted that Tinubu should strive not to do this via affidavits, prolonged court processes, spokespersons, agents, or surrogates.

“This task is one that only Chief Bola Tinubu himself through a direct personal statement can perform.

“He must perform this task urgently in order to lay to rest, once and for the last time, the many lingering doubts and valid speculations about his true identity.”

He, furthermore, asked Tinubu to “do the right thing” and spare Nigeria and Nigerians the embarrassment and shame of having a president whose identity is shrouded in mediocrity.

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