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Boko Haram members surrendering as panic hit terrorist’s camp

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usmanSustained aerial and ground bombardments of terrorists positions and strongholds are yielding fruits as more members of the violent Boko Haram sect were willing to surrender to the Nigerian military,

the Army said on Sunday.

The Nigerian Army spokesman, Col. Sani Usman [pictured], said in a statement that the recent offensive against the terrorists by the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Airforce has caused mass hysteria and panic among the insurgents.

“The new strategies being employed by the military have started yielding positive results with scores of terrorists surrendering to troops and many more willing to surrender. The new strategies employed included sustained offensive operations, pre-emptive air strikes by the Nigerian Airforce and routes blocking by ground troops all geared towards constricting and snuffing out the Boko Haram terrorists.

“Many of the terrorists that willingly surrendered painted images of mass panic and hysteria among their erstwhile colleagues who are feeling the noose tightening on their necks with the relentless efforts of troops and renewed vigour in operations inspired by the personal leadership of the Chief of Army Staff.

The Nigerian Army in conjunction with the Nigerian Airforce and other security agencies will continue to devise and implement effective strategies to bring Boko Haram terrorism to a speedy end.

Usman said the Nigerian Army will commence on the process of “deradicalisation” of those the Army considered ‘innocent’ and “assures innocent ones among them that surrender is the only option open to them.”

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