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Blue card to be introduced in football


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Football’s lawmakers are reportedly on the brink of a shakeup of the game that would see sin bins introduced.

The International Football Association Board [IFAB] has been working on plans for changes to the game, and Sky Sports is among the news outlets reporting that its plans will be unveiled on Friday.

Recall that football’s lawmakers announced in November measures to improve player attitude and increase respect for match officials, which included temporary dismissals for dissent and specific tactical offences.

Sin bins have already had a successful implementation in the lower levels of football since 2019-20, with players ordered to leave the field for 10 minutes if they show disrespect to an official.

The latest report claims that unrest over the decision was summed up by a statement from FIFA, which confirmed sin-bin trials would not include top-tier competitions.

The new trial for higher-level football, which is expected to last at least 12 months, will include situations where a player deliberately takes out an opponent in an attacking situation when a red card isn’t warranted.

Grassroots football in England, which has a particular problem with referee abuse from players, has been using the yellow card to indicate the offence across 31 leagues since the 2019-20 season.

The IFAB wanted a different colour to be distinct to players, coaches and supporters, and has chosen blue.

Indeed, there have been various trials in lower leagues in past years with the aim of combating dissent, such as moving a free kick forward 10 yards, which have not made it into the Laws.


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