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Blind herbalist dupes woman of N19m, slept with daughter, granddaughter


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An octogenarian, Madam Alimot is seeking justice after she was reportedly duped of N19 million by a blind herbalist named Owolabi Adefemi, locally known as Ojunu.

The herbalist reportedly deceived the 86-year-old Alimot into giving him the money under the pretext of providing a cure for her sick daughter. He also promised to make her rich by performing money rituals.

It was also alleged that the herbalist had inappropriate relationships with both Alimot’s daughter, Bose, and her granddaughter.

Madam Alimot, hailing from Mowe in Ogun State, became aware of the self-proclaimed healer after listening to his advertisement on a well-known Ogun State radio station.

The herbalist was promoted for his purported mystical powers to heal illnesses and predict future events. Filled with hope and desperation, Madam Alimot decided to visit the herbalist in Ogijo, seeking solutions.

A chain of fraudulent events ensued, involving elaborate ruses involving a cow turning into a man.

Adefemi subsequently called for financial sacrifices many times and in the process, Madam Alimot sold her two buildings to fund the demands.

Sadly, before the realization of the scam set in, both Alimot’s daughter and granddaughter had been sexually involved with the deceitful herbalist.

Madam Alimot detailed her encounters, mentioning various locations like Agbara, Mowo area of Badagry, and being presented with large sums of money which she was not allowed to take home.

She expressed her devastation, stating, “I want to collect my money from Owolabi Adefemi a.k.a. Ojunu and Nigerians should help me because I don’t have anywhere to call home anymore.”

Bose, Alimot’s daughter, confessed to her involvement with Adefemi and shed light on the severe psychological and financial duress her family experienced.

“Baba Ojunu later warned us against telling anyone about what transpired between my mother and him as well as my love affair with him, threatening that we would lose our lives if we did not heed his warning,” Bose revealed.

The herbalist, Owolabi Adefemi, while admitting to his deceptive actions, tried to put part of the blame on Bose. He stated, “Mama came to me in September 2022 for a cure to diabetes… She explained… that she wanted to do money rituals… Bose was the one that was giving me information whenever Mama had money.”

Adefemi, attempting to reduce the magnitude of his scam, said he only defrauded Madam Alimot of over N5 million and not the claimed N19 million. “I used to deceive them that a spirit was talking with Mama about her predicament.

“What Mama did not know is that I was the one faking the voice of an old woman to deceive her,” he added.

The ordeal has left the family shattered and in debt.

“They are now pursuing justice, aiming to recover their lost money, and also hoping to raise awareness within their community about the fraudulent activities of individuals like Adefemi”.


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