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Between Ibrahim Lamorde and Natural Justice

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LamordeLike the atmosphere that gathers after the rainstorm, the revelation of thieves in the government agencies has continued to be exposed without stop or pause.

This singular act is neither progressive by the handiwork of men but that of Karma whose watchful duties for adjudication are free to the upright.

While we are yet to recover and still counting on the expository paradigm shift of monetary looting in different degrees, another mind blowing exposure just gained momentum. Who on earth will ever anticipate that the supposed emperor of financial tranquility could not worship the deity assigned under his watch without tempering with its foods?  A body set aside to tailor smooth monitoring of financial misconduct is now a victim of same, what a shame!

The deceptive look of Mr Ibrahim Lamorde is capable of sending strict warnings to marauders whose only objectives in life is to swindle innocent Nigerians. His outpour on National broadcast sends an array of frail cold engulfment of fear and hypertension if your hands are not clean, Lamorde who is regarded as the chief priest of financial justice and apprehender of offenders, couldn’t pass by without getting attracted and tempering with the goddess food. 

If such as said, goes to define the argument on the tabloid that; if fire could burn the tortoise with the iron brass what defence therefore, can the fowl with the feather coat put forth to escape same? Who then is now the bigger thief?  Those who returned their loot after being caught and sent to various terms of imprisonment or the keeper of the sanctuary whose watery throat could not be shifted from the fixated look at the Holy Communion wine reserved at the altar? In all, we can unequivocally say that Mother Earth has come to judgement. The criminal in all of us, whose horse have we not stolen?

Do I continue to say that I weep for my country or we are simply not on the rightful track of getting things done properly? What will Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde do with the diverted sum of over One Trillion Naira? (N1,000,000,000,000) (Pardon me if the zeros are less in number or more than because I have never counted such an amount in my entire life yet let alone public fund for that matter).

Little wonder some big wigs in the country have no fear of EFCC arrest anymore as their sacred office has suddenly turned to an abuse of refuse dump that harbours criminals whose fates often times are tied to their negotiating strength. A sacred house of sanctity has suddenly become the dungeon of monetary power prowess.

It is a shame and an abysmal display of flagrant disobedience of the rule of law for such mockery activities to be taking place in the hallow chamber that is supposed to harbour equity and fairness. With this sordid and acrimonious revelation, the EFCC has lost its taste buds and the purpose in which it was founded. They should render an unreserved apology to Nigerians and have its shameless DG face capital punishment as a way of deterrent if found wanting at the end of the day. Corruption has become a norm and the few who tends to act in an upright manner are rather classified as strange fellows. This is the time to make eradicate advertorial means of handling thieves but invoke inquisitorial method and have their heads hang on the stem stick of shameful eulogy.

The president I’m sure will be greeted with the surprise of all surprises as he would rather prefer to be silence and allow due inquiry to commence. While he is busy jetting out of the country to ensure that monies stolen and starched abroad by past Government officials without conscience are recovered and sent back to the federal government coffers so that improvement and infrastructures will greet our motherland, the stupendous heads of different agencies here in the country are busy siphoning and burying trillions in their farms and reservoir.

Is it that we lack shame or some persons at that helm of affairs are cursed beyond measure? Our country is full of surprises, while we are yet to come to terms with this sudden shock of EFCC boss loot, am sure more are yet to be uncovered especially from the paramilitary agencies whose bosses invented the word ‘’ REPLACEMENT’’.  Rather than publish recruitment exercise for the youth of the country, they resort to sell any available vacancies to only those whose parents can afford it. The rot in the system has continued to be unabated yet we smile like though everything is fine with us. Who will come to our rescue? How long are we going to continue like this? Will Nigeria ever be adjudicated from the Global labelling theory as ‘’ the worst corrupt black nation?’’

The cacophony of this injurious and devilish inhuman act has remained a mirage as traces to analyse this has lost its peg holes along the line.

With the teeming unemployed youths roaming aimlessly on the streets, some persons, rather than contributing their little quota for the betterment of tomorrow has resolved to complicate issues. Of a true, the president is yet to take his seat because a lot of issues are still very relaxing on the shelf unattended to.

I wish all Nigeria youth will by this concurrent negative occurrence spring up to their feet and become voluntary reporters because, let truth be told, the president cannot do it all alone.  If we continue the way the country is gradually sliding into the gallows, we will end up at the end point of regrettable alibi.

His Excellency, President Buhari cannot do it alone. I once ran into a civil servant that owns multiple plazas and different mansions, yet he doesn’t bate an eyelid like he has committed any crime whereas, he can’t account for all that he owns barely seven years in the system.  If we are sincere to death and truly want this Nation to move forward, everybody must rise up to the occasion because the President just like his predecessors is living in the midst of evil men without conscience.

From the least level of the three tiers of government, none can be justified as all have sinned and fall short of economy glory of our dear motherland Nigeria. The question of who will rescue the Nation state from the abyss? The question will remain unanswered from time immemorial, therefore, only Mother earth can atone the sins committed by its sojourners.

Prince Daniel Onyemaka; kconceptmate@yahoo.com

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