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BAT: Bad start ~ by Carol Ajie


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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Attention:  Senator Remi Tinubu,

On May 27th two days to Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inauguration as President, you were seen live and heard loud on Channels TV promising sensible governance to all Nigerians, irrespective of creed or creek and across region and religion, Reference to the Distinguished Sen. Remi Tinubu.

Now does it make any sense to you, the increase in fuel price by over 65% in one fell swoop without a corresponding announcement and or enforcement of palliative measures to the public, majority of whom lost their jobs to bad governance? Without taking into account the spirally effect on double digits inflation and ailing economy. This Irresponsible attitude to governance from Day 1 Wicked!

In my humble view, BAT is punishing Nigerians because many didn’t vote for APC to return to the highest office in the land, they want to continue to crassly abuse power rather than serve Nigerian citizens.  BAT is angry that the major Presidential contenders Obi and Atiku are battling against BAT at Presidential Election Tribunal rather than issue imaginary letters of Congratulation to him and his party.

When he should be magnanimous in ‘victory’ and inclined to serve his country, BAT is being vindictive.  President Tinubu and VP Shettima should both resign before the regime plunge our country Nigeria into worse abyss than the FAILED Buhari Brutally foisted on Nigeria.


Carol Ajie, LL. M Georgetown

Professor Scholar Juris

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