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Avoidable fall of the populous Ngwa clan in Abia state ~ by Sir Don Ubani

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In the whole of Igbo Ethnic Nationality, if the Ngwa, in terms of population, are not the first, they are second, only to the Wawa Group of the Igbo in Enugu State.

An analogy could be drawn between the Ngwa of Abia State and the domineering Orlu Group of the Igbo in Imo State.

The Orlu Group is, however, different from the Ngwa because, at any given time, not minding the little mistakes of their Leaders, they will always place the collective interest of Orlu as a first charge. Orlu Politicians and Elites, unlike their Ngwa counterparts, do not sell out their legitimate quest for leadership because of pettiness arising from parochialism, jealousy and unforgiving spirit amongst themselves.

They hold on to Power, irrespective of mistakes by the occupant, because they know what Power is all about.

The same thing happening in Imo State is what has been happening, even in a larger proportion, in Benue State. The more populated Tiv tribe has always taken advantage of their superior numerical strength to make sure they retain Power. The Igala tribe is only lucky they have a Senatorial District that made it possible for someone like Brigadier-General David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark (rtd.) to rise to the position of President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That is all!

Both in Orlu and Tiv Groups of People, their Leaders are civilized enough to appreciate that the mistake of one of them should not rob destructively on their collective interest.

In Ngwa Land, the scenario is quite different and opposite. The Ngwa do not look at the collective interest of Ngwa Land and People. Their focus is always on their selfish individual agenda.

A caller called me the other day and queried why I was worrying myself promoting ‘a not clearly-defined Ngwa Cause’. He said that an average Ngwa Man will be prepared to lose one acre of his land to a stranger instead of his brother or close relation getting just half a plot of land out of the one acre. He annoyingly boasted to me that a Ngwa is ready to collect One Million Naira from a stranger and vigorously encourage him to be Governor over them, especially if the stranger could wisely apply the tactics of serving them Stock fish each time, they visit him.

The Caller told me that I was just wasting my time for nothing. He said I should know that if former Governor Orji had not led the way for an Abia State Governor of Ngwa extraction in 2015, that the Ngwa, with all their majority status, would not have been able to produce a Governor.

He further made it clear that as long as the Ngwa hate them and are naturally given to pulling them down, that no Ngwa Man will emerge as Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s successor. Of all he said, what I did not like was his dismissal of the Ngwa People as Primitive, Uncivilized and Unforgiving Minds.

It was after my conversation with him that I thought of a Caption for today’s essay and settled for the title, Avoidable Fall of the Populous Ngwa Clan in Abia State.

Even at that, I call on Senator Enyi Abaribe, Senator-Elect Darlington Nwokocha, Hon Federal Representative Solomon Adaelu, Federal Representative-Elect Ginger Onwusoibe, Engr Nana Nwafor, RT Honourable Martin Chikwendu, Chief Ncheta Omerekpe, Chief Chuku Wachuku and others to rise to the occasion. It is a challenge to them to rise and protect the Ngwa Collective Interest and, by so doing, save Ngwa from imminent disastrous shameful collapse.

If the Ngwa fails to retain Power in 2023, it would take them more than fifty years before Power would get to them again.

Granted, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, as a human-being, has made some avoidable mistakes in his relationship with some of his kinsmen, that should not amount to destroying the Ngwa Clan and putting them in a perpetuity of political and economic irrelevance and oblivion.

Chief Okechukwu Ambrose Ahiwe, PDP Governorship Candidate, knows the mistakes Governor Okezie Ikpeazu made. I am sure he will correct them and give Abia good dividends of Democracy.

Ndi Ngwa, if out of annoyance and your natural Unforgiving spirit you allow Power to slip off you on Saturday (Afor) 18-03-2023, your miserable condition would be worse than what the Hausa have been going through since they foolishly helped bring down Hausa Kingdoms in Favour of the Fulani Caliphate.

Sir Don Ubani is a former Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Abia State and writes from Asa.

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