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Army Chief General Irabor caught in job racketeering for his wife


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The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Lucky Irabor, has been caught in an employment racketeering scandal involving his wife, Mrs. Victoria Anwuli Irabor.

According to @PIDOMNIGERIA, General Irabor used his influence to get his wife, Mrs. Irabor, a secret job with the Nigerian Security printing & Minting Plc (NSPM).

A copy of the employment letter, which was seen by News Band, shows that Mrs. Irabor was appointed as the Company Secretary / Legal Adviser with a basic salary of N4,390,020.00 (four million, three hundred ninety thousand, and twenty Naira).

Besides the whopping four point three million Naira job, however, the job came with ridiculous allowances totaling a mind-boggling N16,252,437 (sixteen million, two hundred fifty-two thousand, four hundred and thirty-seven Naira) [See the document attached below].

The salary and the allowances are captured as follows:

S / N Allowance Value 
i. Basic salary N4,390,020.00
ii. Housing N5,619,225.60 
iii. Furniture N2,048.676.00 
iv. Children Education N585,336.00 
v. Household Items N585,336.00 
vi. Club Subscription N585,336.00 
vii. Transport N1,609,674.00 
viii. Lunch N1,706.839.78 
ix. Domestic allowance N1,638.940.80 
x. Utility N1,170,672.00 
xi. Newspaper allowance N292,668.00 
xii. Entertainment N292.668.00 
xiii. Office provision N117,067.20
Total N20,642,457.18

The salary package also came with further mind-boggling allowances as follows:

S/N Allowance Value 
i. 13th Month: one-month basic
and domestic allowance 
ii. Annual leave allowance 20%
of annual basic salary

It could be noted that the immediate past President Muhammadu Buhari Government led the country without any known economic direction that further enriched the already rich or privileged few and impoverished the poor, driving 133 million Nigerians into poverty.

The Buhari Government also left behind humongous debts, plunging the country into high debt, increasing inflation and low growth, and moving Nigeria’s debt profile from N42 trillion to N77 trillion.

Yet, a Company Secretary / Legal Adviser smiles home with salary and allowances totaling N264,274,494.96 in a year!

CDS General Irabor’s could not be reached at the moment of this publication as his telephone rang without response.


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