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APGA will battle extinction come 2017

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*APGA Interactive Forum Editorial*

APGA will face a very critical election of survival in 2017, just about 2 years now. The LGAs are the closest unit of govt to the grassroot. They are very critical to the election.

But the LGAs are not working due to underfunding, it will be difficult to pull votes from this section of voters come 2017.

For instance, there is a report that Nnewi South LGA received 237milion naira from the federation account in the month of June. But this money never got to the LG authority, as Agu Awka hijacked it.

The disturbing question is how Obiano will hijack the local govt monthly allocation of 237million naira and gives a partly 1.5million only to the local govt Chairman. What will an elected LG Chairman do with 1.5milion naira a month?

Unfortunately, Obiano “wailing wailers” and uncoordinated e-thugs are accusing Peter Obi of looting local govt funds for 8yrs while closing their eyes on what is going on now under Akpokuodike.

In the same report, Nnewi South LG area in the last one year has received about 2billion naira from the federation account. Since Agu Awka gives only 1.5million naira to LG chairmen, it is believed that Nnewi South got only 18million naira from Obiano out of the 2billion naira the state received on her behalf.

It is important; we stress this need for an improved funding of the local govts, for effective grassroot developments. Those who claimed that Obi ran LG authorities for 8 years should not encourage such under Obiano. APGA govt in any state must adhere to its manifesto of making the party a grassroot movement, which can only be done through effective LG administration.


The APGA elected LG chairmen should as well speak up on this. They are elected officials and their nonperformance due to the stifling of funds by the state will be used against our party in any election. We must arrest this ugly situation now and allow the LG elected officials to work, if we must be a party to beat in 2017.

By Eneh Victor Chigozie

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