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Anambra woman dies in her home in US


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A Nigerian woman, Uju Onyeyilli, has died alone in her home in the United States of America.

Onyeyili, who, according to her Facebook profile, was a digital creator in her lifetime was once married as she proudly displayed her wedding picture on her Facebook page.

However, no information is available about her husband or children, if any. She lived alone in her Baltimore, Maryland, USA apartment.

Her decomposing body was found about a week after her demise when neighbours raised alarm about a foul smell coming from her apartment.

Onyeyili, from Abatete in Anambra State, reportedly had an accident two weeks ago, and she is said to have gone home after abandoning her car at the scene. It appeared that she was nursing herself alone in her apartment until she died.

Neighbours then reported to the police after noticing a foul smell coming from Uju’s apartment.

They also reported that they had not seen her in a week and she needed to tow her car that was involved in the accident.

Police investigated and found her decomposing body at her home.

Unfortunately, no close relative of hers could be reached in the US, so her photo was shared online as the police asked family members to pick up her corpse or it would be disposed of by the state.

A Facebook user, Joi John, who first posted the incident on her Facebook wall with a view to locating the deceased’s relatives, later said in an update that Onyeyili’s body had been picked up by her religious sect the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (Olumba Olumba Olumba), for burial in the US.

Her death has sparked a conversation about Nigerians who move to the US and proceed to live an isolated life. Many observed that she might have lived if she had been cared for by someone.


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