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Anambra residents knock Soludo over anti-Obi comments, say start your own investments


Residents of Anambra State have condemned the Anambra State Governor, Charles Chukwuma Soludo, over negative sentiments against former Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi, who is considered the best Governor to ever emerge in Nigeria.

Governor Soludo had, during an interview on CHannels Television on Thursday, said that Peter Obi’s “saving template” is useless as government can’t be saving money when poverty is escalating.

Reacting to a question by Seun of Channels Television about the investment Peter Obi made for the state, he said that saving money is not an output, the state shouldn’t save money for the sake of saving money.

He further said that he does not know about Peter Obi’s investment for the state and that Obi speculated the value of what he claimed he invested but what he (Soludo) sees today on the value of the so-called investment is next to nothing

He added that investment is not about going to invest in a company because when the company goes down your investment goes down and that’s not what government is meant for, noting that Government should aim at investing in the future.

According to him, his predecessor Willie Obiano strengthened the institution of the state and that is what government is meant for.

Watch the video here.

Reacting to Soludo’s tirade against Peter Obi, residents of Anambra State condemned the uncautioned outburst of Soludo, citing jealousy and envy as the motives.

A resident told News Band: “Soludo has been there in power going on a year and seems like all we hear is big grammar.

“He should please start his own investments that will be worth something forever no matter how incompetent his successors are in building on such investments.

“He is the only one in the world that has the magic wand to build something that would be worth something forever and ever irrespective of what others after him does.”

Another resident responded: “Savings by individuals, societies and governments is wisdom. A country without commensurate reserves (savings) is reckless.”

Taking to his Twitter handle, Sola Kuti, a non-resident of the state, lauded Peter Obi’s “futuristic and visionary” leadership skills, saying:

“This is not the “gotya” moment people think this is. For starters, it confirms that indeed there was an investment.

“Secondly, the worthlessness of the investment is a consequence of macro economic factors over the last 7 years that have been badly mismanaged.

“Thirdly, the choice before Nigerians is between a man who invested the commonwealth of his people (futuristic and visionary), as against those who not only stole from the people but took fat pensions and left a back door to the states treasury.”

Another commentator on WhatsApp condemned the determination of Soludo to always use lies and deceitful Propaganda against Peter Obi in Anambra.

According to him, Soludo is not happy that Peter Obi is enjoying a prestige in Anambra and beyond, hence the efforts to poison the hearts of many social media users in the state against him.

“It is sad despite the fact that the present administration and the immediate past administration are useless,” he lamented.

Mr. Anayo Nwosu, Ikenga Ezenwegbu, a staunch supporter of his during the 2021 governorship election that produced Soludo, said on his Facebook account: “Someone high up in the East just squandered goodwill. I spotted envy.”

Responding to Anayo Nwosu, another resident said: “Well, let Soludo rest assured that he will not kill Peter Obi.

“In fact, moves to oust him have begun and won’t be long. He has himself to blame. He was fighting against people who cared little about his existence.” Read more.


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