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Anambra contractors should put up or shut up

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Anambra contractor at workSince last weekend, our reporters in Anambra state are filing reports that some of the Contractors in Anambra state are reaching out to them. The contractors are saying that they are being threatened by Willie Obiano’s

 Government to refute the report from last week where it states that the Contractors reacted in diverse ways such as:

…and I quote…


It is no longer news that Anambra State contractors are crying. They are owned over 80 Billion Naira. 

Worried like other Anambra people that all ongoing projects have been abandoned, we got the necessary information and called the contractors one after the other as stakeholders. Their responses are revealing as they are shocking.

1. Kanubeen: “as far as our company is concerned, Akpokue global is doing very well. Yes, he is owing, but there is no government in Nigeria that is not owing”. We understand the company fronts for him and is one among 3 companies that are paid regularly. They are doing most work in Agulueri axis.

2. Doliz Group: “Who are you and why must we divulge our contractual terms to you. Anambra is not the worst in Nigeria”. The company is working in Agulueri axis.

3. New Idea: “My brother, do not quote me, Anambra has entered one chance bus. Willie is a disaster”

4. Mac Mouritz: “We will all blame Obi for foisting on us a man that knows only about alcohol. He calls himself an accountant, but we doubt his competency. I pulled out from the road to Choched farm, because not even one Naira was paid to me. Can you help us secure contracts in any other State?”

5. Coscharis: Yes, we experience challenges. Today, we are compelled to walk from one office to another endlessly in pursuit of money for vehicles we supplied. The money is not even coming. We reasonable suspect that Anambra State is now in red”

6. Benejaf: My Sister, even the palliative work we did in December has not been paid. Since the former Governor left, we moved from heaven to hell. All he does is to cajole us to use our money to support him. I know how much I put doing election, but to pay us for work done is wahala. Anambra is in trouble”

7. Pachcus: Please I do not want to enter Akpokue’s bad book that will be moving from fire to hell. All I can tell you is that he does not pay. I have even relocated to Abuja. Nothing is happening in Anambra State

8. Brecco: His phone rang unusually: I am in Lebanon. I have to leave because, no payment, no money, everything upside down”

9. CCC; “For any information, please call our information officer.”

10. Master Holdings: “Please do not provoke me by remembering Anambra State under Akpokue for me. When Obi was Governor, some of us felt we were not treated properly, but today, it is clear we have the best of times with him. Today, they demand 15% from you on all payments. That one is not even a problem, but the money is not even paid. Upon that they will heap insults on you. Akpokue is a disgrace. I will never visit Awka again, except they call me”

11. Grand star: ‘Hahaha. I have forgotten the State, even though it is my State. I am enjoying good working relationship in other States, especially Abia. As far as I am concerned, Akpokue is only working in Agulueri”

12. CCEDC: “We are around hoping and praying he pays us and them we know what else to do.”

13. Daniels: “I can tell you that I am one contractor that tries to satisfy Akpokue, but the fact is that Anambra does not have money. When the man takes 1Billion every month, how can he have money to pay contactors? Mbadinuju is better than him. Imagine, without payment, his people have already started telling me that I will place 3 adverts for him on the 8th of August he will turn 60.”

14. Tamad: “From the way my phone rang, you would know that I am not in Nigeria. I am in Lebanon. Me, no understand the Governor. Promise, promise, promise. Those I am owing want to kill me. I am running away.”

15. Arab Contractor: “Please call our PRO”

16. STEFANUTTI STOCKS: “We started well in Anambra under Obi. We are contemplating pulling out. Anambra has changed”

17. SAGEZ: “I do not discuss my contract on phone. Come to my office.”

18. Halcon: “We had it rough under Obi. Some of our contracts were cancelled. Today we are having it roughest. Anambra money invested on expensive champagnes.

19. CARSUL Ltd: “Please do not disturb us’”

20. Nigercat: “We are no longer working in Anambra State. Can you assist us for Willie to pay us?”

21. Gizzini: “You can not 419 me. That was how somebody who called himself SA Obidigwe phoned us and told us to pay him 20 Million to help us recover our debt. Please you people should leave us alone.”

22. Marlum brothers: “When the new Governor spends Million to buy houses all over the world using the name of Chisco, how can he pay? We are eating the money we made under Obi. May God bless that man wherever he is?”

23. Inter Bau: I worked very well under Ngige. I even worked better under Obi. I can tell you that contractors are all confused under Obiano. The only thing he thinks about is what will go into his pocket. I am sorry for my State.”

24. Ave Maria: “Anambra sliding, Obiano dancing”

25. Marlum Nig Ltd: “Obiano a failure, a disgrace who will surely bury Anambra. Would you imagine that the last money we are paid in Anambra as contractor were under Obi

26. Cotabs: “He refused to give us new job because he said we worked for Uche Ekwunife. I am happier he did not give us, because he has already made contractors in the State to go bankrupt. Some have mounting loans they cannot pay the banks because he is not paying them.”

27. Cosmos. “I love Anambra State. We are doing the Federal Secretariat and you could see the wonderful work. Peter gave us job in my hometown of Aba and paid us normal mobilization. Since he left this drunkard has not paid us 1 dime. He even went to our town and said he had completed paying us. Tell him that you cannot govern through 419”

28. AG Vision. “No comment”

29. Hanmakopp Consortium: “Sorry to say that, Akpokue is a fool. His concern now is telling contractors to place 2, 3, 4 pages advert on his birthday when you are owing them Billions. It shall never be well with that man.”

30. Akiota works: You people say Peter was not good. I am glad you are testing Akpokue and now have a standard to judge peer very well. If peter was Angel, Akpokue is devil. I have never seen a man bereft of ideas as he is.

31. Paul B: I am in Abuja. I no longer care what happens in Anambra until Akpokue leaves. He is a failure”

32. Cossel: “I am from Agulu. If I say anything, they will say I am Peter’s brother. Please ask others.”

33. IDC: He pays me little because he wants flyovers completed, but we are being owned over 6 Billion. We are afraid.”

34. Strict Technical: “Anambra is gone”

35. Betchel: “Please tell those that sent you that I am not available”


…End of quote…

The Contractors are saying that the Government is arm-twisting them to take out a Publication and deny the above REPORTS.

They said the Government is threatening them not to pay them the certificate generated.

 Certificate generation is a process where you work for Government on a contract and after they paid you the initial 30% with the letter of Guarantee from your Bank, then you do works that will cover the initial payment, the Government Engineers will inspect the job and if it is standard and up to the amount or more than, they will generate a Certificate for the Job and with that the relevant department will pay for the job done so far, on and on until the job is finished. 

I will say to the Contractors ,if truly you granted  the above interview and you are sure of what you said ,kindly stop silly excuses ,either you are paid or you are not paid.

if you are not paid  for a job you did and generate certificate ,you can sue the Government and they will pay for the entire contract for breaching of the contract ,if you are not owed ,simply come out and say so and by saying so the electorate expect you to be back on site and working.

If you say today that you are compelled to deny the aforesaid report, then tomorrow you turn around and say that the government owe you, then, we can retrieve your report and shove it down your nose for real.

We can help this government to work better by telling them the gospel truth, we should not join sycophants and praise singers to sing the praises and things keep getting worse.

The contractors should not wave in front of our faces threat of any kind ,they are private Billion Naira company and not government surrogate ,so they should be firm on what is situation at hand and not hiding under they said or we said ,if the state are owing them ,they should speak up ,if they are not owed they should speak up by going back to site and continue work ,so that seeing will become believing . 

Mazi Odera 

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