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Anambra APC chides its PDP counterpart over party discords

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APC,PDP*Says ‘Leave us out of your chronic division syndrome’

The Anambra chapter of the All Progressives Congress [APC] has berated its Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) counterpart over efforts by the PDP to drag it into the

incessant internal wrangling  going on between party members.

In a statement signed by the State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Okelo Madukaife, the party referred to PDP’s accusation as “an elaborate hallucination from a disunited PDP house.”

Attached is the copy of the press release:


Leave our party out of your chronic division syndrome – Anambra APC to PDP

The suggestion by non-officials in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), as published in Vanguard of August 15, 2015, that the crisis in the Anambra State chapter of their disorganized party which saw each of the three factions suspending leaders of other factions from the party was orchestrated by our great party, is an elaborate hallucination from a disunited PDP house.

It is household knowledge that in the last twelve years, PDP has never known peace or unity tin Anambra State, to the extent that the dying party has a history of multiple candidates since 2003, because no consensus could be built between competing parallel structures in the party and no responsible intervention from its national body has made any headway.

That the protagonists and gladiators in this infamous divisive reputation has gone up in arms  trading suspensions and dismissals like the stocks in the Nigerian stock exchange is an evil that must be made to dwell in PDP rather than spilled to smear otherwise organized and disciplined parties like the APC which is too busy organizing its swelling rank of membership ,including recent  decampees  from PDP,APGA,LP and the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), while orienting them in the path of  party discipline.

It is instructive that in the statement of rebuttal against the alleged suspension of the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh by an amorphous set of dozen self-acclaimed leaders of the party was not signed by any State or Local Government official of PDP, thus signposting it as a disharmonious rant from a wishful in-crowd of PDP jesters seeking to stand something on nothing.

In our considered and sympathetic view, it will take more than mere subterfuge, political rascality and brigandage to heal the umbrella party of this chronic divisiveness founded of over-bloated ego, indiscipline, and lack of respect for all manner of laws, including the PDP laws.

It is meaningless to cast aspersion on APC as a party run by one man, because PDP is jealous of the wonderful harmony and cohesion enjoyed by our great party, APC under the inspirational leadership of Senator (Dr) Chris Nwabueze Ngige OON, who of course has to be one man as every disciplined party is led by one man, not two and certainly not three like the PDP has been known for in the last 12 years.

We recall with pride that the departure of Dr. Ngige from the PDP  to co-found and lay a solid  foundation of what partly formed today’s APC was the beginning of political liberation for Anambra State , yet the beginning of the current disintegration  of PDP in the state.

We do not blame those who attribute it to a spiritual repercussion in the evil perpetrated by PDP , which turned  Anambra state , in the words of legendary  Chinua Achebe to  a ‘lawless fiefdom’ enough to make the author reject a national honour midwifed by the national leaders of PDP who rather  aided and abetted the conflict.

We therefore advise the rump of PDP who remarkably is holding every elective position it has in Anambra State courtesy of organized fraud and other electoral malpractice to look inwards for their solution, if their chronic disease of division is still tractable and leave the APC to focus on the task of rediscovering a nation raped by the 16-year misadventure of PDP in governance nationally and polluted by multiple parallel structures and multiple executives in Anambra State.

For: All Progressives Congress (APC), Anambra State

Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary

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