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An open reply to Ken Emeakayi

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Ken Emeakayi*Re: Open letter to Governor Willie Obiano*

The reckless vituperations of the perpetual factional Chairman of a disorganised party,

PDP would have been completely ignored by the hierarchy of our great party APGA, but as the saying goes if bad precedence is allowed to stand, it confuses the vulnerable.

The man Ken Emeakayi is renowned for causing confusion mostly within their already confused and frustrated political assembly. A man that has thrived in controversies since his venture into politics.

It is easy to understand why he is keen to wipe sentiments considering that PDP hawks have lost power at the centre, they have all retired back to the State now and this open letter by Ken Emeakayi is a clear signal of intentions from this mad group, the PDP.

Ken Emeakayi took it upon himself to write an open mail to the working Governor of Anambra State, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, Akpokuo Global to prove to his confused colleagues that he is equal to the task of carrying out their evil plans in Anambra so that they will consider giving him a chance. 

He started by addressing our BoT Chairman and Leader as “My dear Governor”, a calculated approach to suck in the gullible into believing that he means well, an old trick that has since gone out of fashion.

He then went into execution by apportioning unmerited orders to the Executive Governor of our State, demanding that the State Governor and our government should with immediate effect present him with the accounts of almost all the activities of government. In line with his opening style of sucking in the gullible, acting out a cheaply orchestrated script, he questioned the authenticity of the activities of government, trying hard to create doubts on the integrity of the Governor and the life changing projects that the government has embarked on since inception. 

For the benefit of Ndi Anambra, APGA as a party sees Ken Emeakayi’s demands as the ranting of a drowning party that is lost in self-delusion, a party that does not have the capacity to sort their internal crises, a party bereft of any good intension, even for self.

Of course, a political party that is as divided as PDP at this moment should be focused on how to resolve the mountain of issues they have accumulated over the years in this political journey due to their bullish, crude and intimidating style of politicking. 

What someone like Ken should be preoccupied with now should be ways to find common grounds that may allow his party to at least start repositioning to know if it can ever be possible for them to come close to power within the next fifty years. This supposed distraction from them adds credence to the good works of our ably working Governor, it is only a man that is doing well that attracts such unwarranted attack, especially from a politically disabled family like the PDP that is seriously panicking about their political future, hopeless and helpless future, predictably doomed.

Ken Emeakayi on the first order is sacked from the PDP by a faction, he equally has sacked the members of another faction, those members have sacked another faction, sacking galore, CONFUSED NA DIMA KWA. 

The approach used here by my friend Ken Emeakayi is again an out of fashion trick, to throw in confusion into the camp of the leading party as to divert attention from the mountain of problems confronting Ken Emeakayi and the PDP. 

Dikeanagbalizu, who is the Secretary of your faction, is it Dikeudo or Onwa? Which day will you be in court; will it be in Sapele, Jos or Akwanga?  You all are comedians, unfortunately governance and the destiny of Ndi Anambra is not a comedy, it is the business of the focused and politically strong willed like Akpokuo Global and our traditional party, APGA.

Let me allow Ken to stand on the existing protocol to talk, pending….

Ken Emeakayi, without shame went ahead to express pretentious  concern on the state of our Local government system describing it as non-functional and redundant, he forgot that the constitution is clear on the relationship between the State and Local Governments. The State has an overriding role over the Local Governments. For the past year and few months, the elected Executive Chairmen and the Councils have been working in harmony with the State Government. This is the reason why today, there are so many projects going on all over the State. Local Governments and the State share the same people, Ndi Anambra and so far Ndi Anambra are happy with the working synergy between these two tiers, nothing else matters. What Ken would have been happy with would have been constant antagonism and confrontation between the two tiers but because things are working peacefully, he needs to wipe sentiments and consequently revolt from the Local Governments so that the confusion that his party thrives on will erupt. This is a calculated attempt to instigate lawlessness, revolt and calumny against Ndi Anambra that he claims to have their interest at heart. 

Ken Emeakayi needs to be reminded that less than ten years ago, Ndi Anambra saw hell in the hands of the PDP, these unnecessary instigations to destabilise the State remain the main reason PDP will never smell power in Anambra again, thank you Ken for reminding us.

Let me remind Ken that the decamping of former Governor Obi from APGA to PDP was done after he had served Ndi Anambra with the committed backing  and loyalty of Ndi Anambra that are predominantly APGANS. As a party, we wish former Governor Peter Obi well in his political sojourn into oblivion but let me remind Ken that Peter Obi’s successes remain the legacies of APGA and no one should under any guise lay claims to those legacies. On this note, it is then absurd that the party that burnt our common wealth as a people during the time of Governor Obi and Ngige will turn around to pretend to be born again prodigals. If Ndi Anambra, Ndi APGA did not stand with former Governor Obi and fasted with tight belts on our stomachs while the structures were being rebuilt, would Ken Emeakayi and his cohorts have a progressive State like we have today that they would be interested to come back to destroy, God is not sleeping, He answered our prayers when we were in agony, he felt the pain of Ndi Anambra when we were under the bondage of PDP, we are free by His grace, mercy and love,  God shall continue to protect His own..  

When Ken Emeakayi is instigating the Local Government Chairmen and the Counselors that are mostly hot blooded youths, can he please explain to Ndi Anambra what his intentions are if not to start from where the PDP stopped about ten years ago, to bring back uncertainties, death, retrogression and under development. Ndi Anambra collectively shout, “HOLY GHOST FIRE, NO WEAPON FASHIONED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER!!!”. 

For the interest of Ken Emeakayi and his fellow anarchists, it is not possible for an APGA government to abandon projects started by a previous sister government. APGA is continuous, change of leadership is not change of visions of better life and opportunities for Ndi Anambra, let Ken hold it there. 

In a hurry to lumber unfounded accusations on the Governor and government of Anambra State, Ken Emeakayi forgot that the responsibility to conduct elections in the Local Government lies with an electoral college properly instituted within law and independent in all ramifications, the ANSIEC.  What business does the Governor have with conducting elections in Ihiala or Nnewi North Local Governments? Would Ken Emeakayi have preferred that the Governor left these Local Governments to suffer from power vacuum? I want Ken Emeakayi to tell Ndi Anambra if these two Local Governments today are not functioning effectively, thanks to the wise decisions of the State Governor and APGA government to appoint Sole Administrators. Is there any share in governance that these Local Governments are not partaking?

The allegation about drawing millions of Naira allowances for the National and State Chairmen of our party is laughable. From which account do the monies come from and which accounts are they paid into? The onus is on Ken Emeakayi to provide evidences of such ridiculous, cheap and frivolous accusation. With the kind of contacts that Ken Emeakayi claims to have, he should be in a position to obtain this information from the banks, after all PDP is a known desperate and up-to-no-good party that would stop at nothing to defame. Ken Emeakayi should shut up and hide his face in shame, Ndi Anambra know these little old tricks, none of it works anymore, we had been deceived in the past, the worst person to fall for cheap tricks is the person that has been tricked previously, borrowing the words of late Dr. M. I. Okpara, “first fool no be fool, second fool na proper foolish”

On this same strength, Ken went ahead, afraid of tomorrow to make himself a soothsayer by looking into the future of Anambra and predicting that the  Governor does not have intensions of conducting Local Government elections. Let me tell Ken Emeakayi clearly,  Akpokuodike cannot be bullied into taking any action that will not be for the progressive common interest of Ndi Anambra, putting all things into due consideration. Ken Emeakayi should not go into pre-emptive panic as to prepare his mayhem soldiers. Let him equally consult with ANSIEC, the official independent institution with the responsibility of conducting these elections in the State. Governor Obiano’s position remains to encourage any position that means well for Ndi Anambra. Intimidation and bullying will certainly not work, not in Anambra anymore, not under APGA led ably by the working and courageous Willie.

The delusion holding the entire political rascals called PDP in Anambra State is incurable, otherwise where did Ken Emeakayi get the courage and audacity to demand for the accounts of the State as it concerns the Local Governments and flyover projects. As men with great stretch and reach, Ken should have armed himself with this information before raising his frivolous and ridiculous concerns. These actions are the reasoning of desperate and reckless group that have dubious intensions to pollute the minds of the gullible. Before raising concerns concerning costs, it would have made sense if Ken Emeakayi and his gang had taken time to collate evidence to present to Ndi Anambra. Is Ken Emeakayi the accountant general of the State or of the Federation? Is he a staff of the EFCC, ICPC, POLICE, ARMY, CIVIL DEFENCE, even BOYS BRIGADE or MAN “O” WAR? Why would he believe that Ndi Anambra expect the Governor to be bullied into taking actions that undermine the serious business of governance. Of course, the costs of these projects are open documents that can be accessed by well-meaning citizens or government agencies when needed. There is no contract in this government that does not have contract values clearly stipulated. If Ken Emeakayi is not being cheap, he should be reminded that the Governor announces the values of any project from the point of award. Ken Emeakayi need be reminded that the business of governance is never done in secret, otherwise the consequences are obvious. Ken still needs to be reminded that the background of Governor Willie is working Obiano are professional founded on financial management and due process. Governor Obiano attained the highest height of his profession after serving different corporate organisations for long. Ken Emeakayi, with due respect does not understand half of the things he is talking about, because he finds Akpokuo in the field of politics, Ken has developed the impetus to delve into areas he has no knowledge about, talking like the confused and desperate PDP, sorry Ken.

If Ken Emeakayi wants to talk about the APGA party secretariat under construction at Awka, he should direct that question to us at the party and not Governor Obiano. APGA is a well-structured political party that has discipline and party visions and missions clearly defined. We are ambitious as a party and we intend to serve our people for long, which is why we are investing into the life of the party. To answer Ken Emeakayi childishly as the question demands, APGA sought and secured the piece of land as a party. We followed all due processes required by law and have our Certificate of Occupancy in our hands. I guess Ken will ask us to show Ndi Anambra our C of O next; we will not do that except where necessary and to the right groups. Instead of learning from the visionary and inspiring footsteps of our party, Ken and his PDP want to turn all good intensions 0f Akpokuo into bad. Let me once more remind Ken Emeakayi that APGA government is solidly in charge in Anambra, it will not be a crime for the government to support us, after all we gave birth to it, but we have our ways of raising funds and carrying out all duties that are needful for us to evolve our dear party. Unlike the disorganised PDP, APGA has very committed followership that believe in everything APGA, it is so because we do what we say, Ndi Anambra have tasted PDP before and the verdict is clear, there is no political party more palatable than APGA, we are not interested in any confusion from anyone no matter the guise.

I want to remind Ken Emeakayi that he is a full citizen of Anambra without minding his negative tendencies towards us, he has the right to go to ANSIEC and find out the true situation of things as it concerns Local Government elections, Governor Obiano will not do everything.  Let Ken try rebranding, this is a new age, digital thinking and creative approach, all things old are obsolete. 

Finally, I want to alert Ndi Anambra on this evil agenda of the commotion group, the PDP, a party that we rejected completely due to their inability to provide us with one tangible dividend of democracy when they were in power in Anambra. The nightmares that they caused us, which we were gradually forgetting is beginning to raise its ugly and nasty head again. 

Ndi Anambra please listen to me, PDP lost power at the centre, they are restless and are seeking for areas where they will once more release their mayhem. These people have resolved again, with quantum resources at their disposal to revert us back to the old days of PDP. We MUST all stand to defend our common patrimony. If we do not wish the long gone experiences of the old to revisit us as a people, this is the time to tell these lost sons and daughters that we are not ready for their nonsense, never again.

Governor Willie Obiano is working even with the constraints of the resources available to us at the moment; we MUST support him to be encouraged to do more. Willie’s background is clearly on resource prudence and management, we do not need cow boys like Ken Emeakayi and his factional group to confuse our working Governor and Government, the consequences will be unimaginable.   

If we do not want to revert to the days of insecurity when our illustrious sons and daughters were not coming home due to kidnapping and robbery, if we do not want to revert back to the days we used to sleep on top of trees and go on night vigils as to keep alive, if we do not want to revert back to the days that governance used to be full of mediocre and clueless individuals, we MUST defend our government by supporting our working Willie and APGA our party to the fullest, we assure Ndi Anambra that we shall never let them down.

As our motto says, we shall remain our brother and sister’s keepers, please ignore the likes of Ken Emeakayi and his co rabble rousers, nothing good will ever come out of PDP. 

Be assured, Ndi Anambra, Willie is certainly working!!!

Thank you, umu nnem.

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

State Publicity Secretary, APGA

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