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An open letter to Ndi Imo: “The reign of guymen in lmo” volume 2


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Greetings Ndi Imo!

We have come again with the sword of truth in our special letter series to Ndi Imo titled, “THE REIGN OF GUYMEN IN IMO”

Remember, the current sharing formula in Imo Douglas House is called “shared prosperity”.

This political mantra is the concept of “guymen”, a street-men creative idea to share the loot when mugu falls. I know you have not wondered why the “shared prosperity” mantra was coined into Hopism administration in Imo State.

Have you forgotten that when “guymen” catches a new mugu, “shared prosperity” formula must be discussed on round table before going into the looting?

Yes! The way they share the prosperity they make from “White Mugu” is called “SHARED PROSPERITY”. You may smile or get angry, but remember that at the moment we write this letter to you, the sharing was and is still going on among the “guymen” in Imo Douglas House.

Our Imo State political guymen have all returned home. The custodians of our state’s power, authority and treasury misuse power and authority against the people for whom it was given to them and plunder and rob us to abject penury and bankruptcy!

Our political guymen who believe that our State has become their personal property to use as they wish with impunity without any check or question. Who is checkmating Hope Uzodinma in Imo State? We had a seasonal four speakers just in four years of Hope Uzodinma’s administration as political Maradona and “Lord Guyman” and he is merely searching for the emptiest alleluia boy as a speaker so that the sharing of the loot will be very easy.

There’s sufficient empirical evidence that there’s no accountability, transparency and rule of law in Hope Uzodinma’s administration. Guyman has no business with accountability, transparency as well as any respect to rule of law. Anyway, for now we wouldn’t go deep into the rotten and corrupt administration of Hope Uzodinma and his cohorts for that would be a topic in another volume.  Can anyone evidently show Ndi Imo that there’s accountability transparency and rule law in Imo State?

We challenge Hope Uzodinma, his administrative team, to come openly with evidence of rule of law, accountability and transparency in his administration for 3 years now.

Those who are singing hallelujah choruses to this ‘shared prosperity’ mantra are those who receive peanut that fallout from the table of the upper echelon of these “guymen”.

But do the dead sing hallelujah or share from the table of guymen?

As our state falls to the ground with incredible fear of terrible shatter and irredeemable destruction, we need a messiah! WE NEED SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HIS ONIONS TO BREAK THIS IMPENDING FALL.


Imo State should not utterly fall. Imo State must be redeemed.

We need someone to break this fall and save our dear state.

Thousands of Imo people, both old and young, have been killed in a space of three years in Imo because of a despicable political desperation of that in power, yet, we sing hosanna in the highest for them. What has gone wrong with our reasoning and conscience? It has become an individualism race for Ndigbo. Once someone is okay, others can rot in hell of abject poverty. How did we suddenly bury the spirit of “Onye aghala nwanne ya” and “igwe bu ike,” Umunna bu ike” in Igbo land?

Before our very eyes, almost 26 Hallelujah boys indoctrinated into “guymanism” were rigged in as House of Assembly members! “Ha bukwa Ndi Guymen!” If you think they are at Imo House of Assembly to represent you or checkmate Hope Uzodinma’s prodigality as separation of powers entails, you must be dreaming like one using cornstraw as house pillars.

These “Guymen” don’t feel our pains! They are inhumane and lack empathy and love for the people they claim to represent! They are merely in the seat of power for their selfish gains, hence the degrees of sorry and pitiable plights and/or conditions of the masses are inconsequential to them! How then can we bank on them, entrusting our State and investing our dear lives and future in them? With the Guber candidates in LP, PDP and APC, Imo is on the road to misery!

Let me burst your brain now, it’s a master plan conspiracy, of a higher degree, by the league of Imo political “Guymen” to have a three frontline “guymen kingpins” as Imo gubernatorial candidates”. It’s not a coincidence; Hope Uzodinma is the major beneficiary of Samuel Anyanwu and Athan Achonu’s candidatures in People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party (LP)

Who was Hope Uzodinma before 2011 he became a senator? These are a million questions every right thinking Imolites should answer! Who are his friends and colleagues? Who are the school classmates of Hope Uzodinma? What’s Hope Uzodinma’s character and pedigree? What does Hope Uzodinma represent? To simply put things in the right perspective: “Ndi guymen agaghi achi Imo ozo”.

Do we test-run another four years of banking in a typical Igbo he-goat to look after our tubers of yam for us? Remember those we sent to Eke market to buy dry fishes for us, took a bag full of Oke- Belgium and put the whole fishes inside the same bag they kept oke-Belgium and the report we got from them was that oke-Belgium has eaten up the dry fishes we sent them to buy for us. And today, as we are complaining that oke-Belgium has eaten up our fishes, the oke-Belgium is now eating our nails. Lo and behold, there’s no difference between oke-Belgium and these “guymen”.

They govern Imo to deploy poverty, a mechanism to keep the people into perpetual slavery. They debarred you from technological developments just to damage your brain so no one can rise up to question their mediocrity, executive rascality. Once they impoverish the people and make them hungry, they give them peanuts during election period just to have their precious votes and then use INEC officials to make up the deficient figures and rig them in over us over and over again!

They say, “don’t worry there is hunger in Imo State, once you make them hungry, share them money during election, you’ll have their votes.” Can you imagine? Has this become the lot of our dear people and dear state? So, the money they share during election is the yoke of our slavery? Are we going to continue in this misery? God forbids!

The November 11 2023 Governorship election is another opportunity, Ndi Imo must repent now! Those who took money or were induced by material things and voted for any candidate during the last election are even more corrupt and heartless than Hope Uzodinma. Our young men and women, old men and women in our villages should earnestly seek the face of God and ask for forgiveness for accepting money to cast their vote in the last election. Our new consciousness henceforth in Imo State should be: take the money from “guymen”, yes take that money from looters and vote against them. This is the only way you can attract the mercy and the forgiveness of God and it appeals the spirit of innocent flowing and crying for vengeance in Imo State.

In Imo State we have college of political vampires who have no business with God or humanity but call on the name of God for mere deception and pretence while they pacify their “Dark Temples” with reddish substance of our people. Such people have no business to protect the lives and property of the people because they are agents that ruin the future of the people in the first place! Those who allow the corpses of our people to litter the streets by the wind of the insecurity they created and benefited from shouldn’t have any plan for the welfare of our people!

They’re merely on a pleasure spree! While penury eats the young Imolites, our aged pensioners die in starvation of their pensions! No means of creation of jobs for the youths. Hotel construction is the only visible industry in Imo State and this encourages our young girls or women to hit and hang on the streets in search of livelihood in the most despicable manners as these our political guymen are the highest patronage of these young girls and women! How then would you expect them to offer solutions to these social anomalies or create jobs? No plans for the aged, no plans for the kids, no plans for the youths. No economic framework, what a disorganized State/society?

Our moral values are lost at home with poor parental upbringing. Our primary and secondary schools have lost the spices of education because “guymen” are in power. No one can give what he doesn’t have! How can those who have no business with morals build any moral society?  “Guymen” have no business with leadership or governance because they are products of street gangsterism themselves! They grew up where the mighty is right, the smartest is right, “mugu falls guyman chops” with the mentality of ‘survival of the fittest! There’s no reason for this present economic situation of Ndi Imo! The only reason is that we the masses have chosen to keep quiet! Silence encourages political oppressors!

Imo has fallen through the instrumentality of microscopic political elements known as GUYMEN. Imo must rise through free participation of the people to change the old order and launch a new order. The fall of Imo lies in their hands while the rise of Imo lies in the hands of the people.

Let’s come out on 11th November, 2023, and destroy this old order that has destroyed us, and raise a new order that will keep us and our children!

The next governor of Imo State must be someone who can tell Ndi Imo where he worked in the past, his school and classmates or business partners.

Let’s have patience as we search for another credible alternative, a new political breed to salvage Imo State from the present political cum economic quagmire.

It’s a clarion call to all reasonable Imolites to join the rise of Imo State!


Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka



Comrade Nkem Nze

National Secretary General


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