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Alleged certificate forgery: Tinubu & fulfilment of Elton’s prophecy


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In Ilesa, Osun State South West, Nigeria on October 15th 2021, the wild bull of constitutional, ideological roaming cows in Nigeria that was claiming lives, wreaking havoc and displacing communities was tamed prophetically. By a simple step of obedience; the tearing of our article of bondage.

A very ridiculous thing to do, but it has to be and I am glad that God found a man to do it, before the gathering of available Kingdom remnants who believed in the prophecy of Pa Sydney Granville Elton.

Pa Elton was a British Born Citizen who, “japaed” from London to Nigeria in 1937 to become a Nigerian and died on January 13, 1987. He was buried in his country of adoption according to his death wish.

Nation Building as an apostolic concept was introduced to ministry operations in Nigeria by him. If you have heard my generation of ministers eulogize Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa, it is the deposited impartation of kingdom grace for National deliverance from Pa Elton they are talking about, on record no other person affected his life and ministry like Pa Elton.

One of the many prophetic values Pa Elton added to Nigeria is NYSC.

Long before Nigeria was ripe for independence from her Colonial Master, the Great Britain, a young Briton, who felt a burning desire of the Lord for a nation of purpose in the end-time plan of God was led to one when he heard the word Ilesa. He left the alluring vicinity of his country to take abode in Ilesa to serve the Church and her Nation; Nigeria!

In 1986, he gave a prophecy concerning Nigeria in which he said, Nigeria and Nigerians will be known all over the world for corruption. Your name — Nigeria will stink for corruption but after a while, a new phase will come — a phase of righteousness. People from the nations of the earth will hold a Nigeria and say; “we want to follow you to your nation to go and learn righteousness”.

A year after he gave the word of prophecy at the facility which is today Eko Hotel, he departed to glory and his remains were buried in Ilesa, Osun State, South West Nigeria.

It has been a free fall into this prophecy since 1986. Hope was rekindled in 1999 by the emergence of the democratically elected administration of Olusegun Obasanjo. With PDP’s 16 years in government, we thought we had hit ground zero of corruption and we were unanimous in our call for an end to corruption.

Desirous of change, Nigerians said enough is enough. And we voted APC into power led by Buhari. The ground seemed to open and a plunge into the abyss of corruption began.

2023 election conducted by INEC under the supervision of Mahmood Yakubu was nothing but institutionalization of corruption. As if the process was screwed to see Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s long-time ambition through as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A man embroidered for many years in several allegations bothering on his paternity, identity, schools and educational institutions attended, drug related offences, convictions, just name it, but none could stick in the darkness prevalent over our system.

Chief Gani Fawehinmi was the first to rise to the occasion but the grip of darkness on the street was unleashed against him. And the unhallowed Chambers of Lagos State House Assembly became the anal of falsehood that made a hero of a villain and kept him secured.

Attempts to shed light on this thick darkness have made many billionaires. Festus Keyamo was the first lawyer to jump on the opportunity. He has stuck to the side of groping in darkness ever since. Don’t ask me what earned him a place on Tinubu’s ministerial list and consequently his appointment as minister of Aviation.

He who flew the kite of forfeiture as a generous donation made by a magnanimous Tinubu to the American Treasury, obviously will be the right person to get wingless Air Nigeria back in the air as the 7th wonder of the world.

The PEPT was like a coven of witchcraft, no one seemed to understand the pronouncement except those who wrote it and the people it was written for. Technicality took the soul of justice and stripped it of life. Justice was murdered by its own mother; the judiciary.

Just when it seems all done in darkness against the truth was sealed forever, the cry for justice crosses the time zone of Nigeria’s twilight to the daylight of America.

All that is hidden in darkness is being threatened by the light of the American judiciary.

Is Atiku a saint and Obi an Angel? Far be it! No one in Nigeria today is a saint or an angel. Nigeria is a gamut of decaying flesh so every Nigerian stinks. We stink so bad the world wears nose masks at the sight of us.

Tinubu’s credentials’ saga is a revelation of an overrated intelligence of a man and his nation! Tinubu, no doubt has shown class in his ability to manipulate the entire political system in Nigeria since 1999!

This same credential issue has haunted him for 24 years. It is either he has taken us for who we truly are in the context of these happenings; fools! And his local intelligence level was not rated in the context of global components.

We hail corruption for its grip on us, it doesn’t matter what the outcome is once it is beneficial to us. We forgot; no nation is an Island to herself!

How Tinubu exposed himself to the mercy of a certificate when he doesn’t even need it to become the President?

Escaping this by the whiskers from 1999 to 2007 should have humbled him to align his ambition with the reality of his past! But we also played all along.

He should have completely stayed off that route in his push for 2023, and chosen a noble path! But he knew we were all webbed in the cobwebs of national corruption.

Confession after office in 2007 would have given him out as a man of strong character. But hell no! In the context of our country today, nothing rewards like corruption.

All that is needed to become the President of Nigeria is the ability to read and write. A wise man would have stayed with that!

We await the final fulfillment of prophecy at the Supreme Court where the ruling will likely confirm that corruption is the force that “ordained” and “anointed” leaders to offices in Nigeria, including the highest office of the President.

All thanks to the American system.

Before Tinubu, was Buhari, and Tinubu for me, deliberately pushed Buhari into the 2015 election to test what swimming through judiciary waters is like Buhari did, through to the supreme court and survive the same in 2019.

That precedence must have been Tinubu’s confidence and for it, I see nothing coming from the Supreme Court that can threaten his continuity as the President!

We should be as concerned for where we are with Tinubu as well as all who are aligned with corruption and have handed our systems and institutions to it.

BAT is nothing but our elected image, by which I mean he is the representative of our collective penchant for fraud, forgery and corruption! An ambassador of our perjured public servants!!

The depositions by the CSU Registrar, Caleb Westberg, on the document submitted to INEC by Tinubu again reinforces the testimony of our being “fantastically corrupt” given before the Queen by Prime Minister David Cameron.

I can tell you for free that 70% of our graduates can’t defend their qualifications, particularly the younger generation who were “HELPED” by their parents to glide through primary school and purchased secondary school admissions for them.

Arranged for them to sit for WAEC, NECO and JAMB at special Centres and went through the University with the philosophy of; “Omo to mo way lo mo iwe!”. We must collectively resolve to redefine our values!

It is undemocratic to put premium on paper qualifications in an era of skills and competence, in a country where close to 20 million children are out of school under a President elected with 8,794,726 votes!

This is one of the issues our cry for restructuring should address. Tinubu has shown leadership skills and organisational competence by his handling of Lagos!

It is unfortunate that our redefinition as a nation must start with him. The noble thing for the President to do is to RESIGN! That’s the way to help us find our way to our new definition.

Moreover, it’s expected that APC will have nothing to lose because Kashim Shettima will take over when Tinubu resigns in accordance with Section 146(1) of the Constitution. In which case, his resignation will be like eating your cake and having it for APC!

Whichever way it goes. The end of corruption has come, not because we have the capacity to end it. But because the Lord has decreed it so. You are welcome to the flip of Elton’s prophecy!

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