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Again, Tinubu attacks Buhari over exchange rate, says his govt lacks ‘ability to think’


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The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Bola Tinubu, for the second time, has attacked President Buhari led administration

Mr Tinubu, while addressing party supporters during his campaign rally in Cross River State, expressed worries over the rise in the exchange rate from 200 per dollar to 800, adding that the current rate is as result of the inability to think.

Recall that when the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari took over the baton of leadership, the naira-dollar exchange rate was at an average price of N198 to $1 and N220 to $1 black market rate

Though, the former Lagos governor added that the high exchange rate is an avoidable one if the government had arrested the situation earlier.

He said, “They moved the exchange rate from N200 to N800. If they had repaired it..we won’t be where we are today,” he said.

In a short video which has gone viral, Mr Tinubu expressed optimism over the situation, adding that “We will be greater. They don’t know the way. They don’t know how to think. They don’t know how to do.”

The recent controversial remark against the administration of Muhammadu Buhari comes few days after the Abeokuta outing, during which Tinubu accused his party of taking actions designed at sabotaging his chances of winning the forthcoming presidential election.

Tinubu during his rally in Abeokuta, Ogun State last Wednesday, specifically said the fuel crisis and the scarcity of the redesigned naira notes were artificially created to discourage people from voting for the APC and sabotage his election.

Tinubu said, “We will use our PVCs to take over government from them, if they like let them create fuel crisis, even if they said there is no fuel, we will trek to vote. They are full of mischief, they could say there is no fuel. They have been scheming to create a fuel crisis, but forget about it. Relax, I Asiwaju have told you that the issue of fuel supply will be permanently addressed”.


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