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Acobarry Foundation commiserates with Obi Nnewichi, gifts him Venza


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Delegates of Acobarry Charity Foundation stormed the palace of Obi of Nnewichi in Nnewi Town and showered him with gifts, including Venza motorcycle to ease the transportation constraints as Obidiugwu prepares the funeral ceremony of his late mother in January, 2023.

The delegation was heartily received by Obidiugwu and his royal cabinets, the President General of Nnewichi Nsọ Bụ Ndụ and Ogbuefi Melie Onyejegbu, today, 11th November 2023.

Presenting the motorcycle, the leader of the delegates Hon. Amobi Okonkwo presented the scorecards of Acobarry Charity Foundation to Obidiugwu and his royal cabinets within the five years of its existence in Nnewi.

Below is a compendium on the existence and activities of Acobarry charity foundation as presented To Obi Charles Onyekaba, Obidiugwu by Hon. Amobi Okonkwo (Anunuebe Nnewi):

Acobarry Charity Foundation: Five Years on and Counting

The Acobarry Charity Foundation was founded in 2018 by Hon. Onyedika Chukwuma (CEO, Acobarry charity foundation), from Ndiakwu, Otolo Nnewi. At inception, the Foundation was inspired by an irresistible desire to serve; to contribute towards meeting certain community and individual needs.

Five years on, the Foundation is still driven by a great zeal to serve, as a means of making our community a far better place, than it was.

Core Focus:

In line with this desire to serve, Acobarry Charity Foundation focuses on high impact community projects, capacity building among young people and others, education support and scholarships, and economic empowerment through seed capital for small business owners. These are basically the four cardinal pillars of the Foundation.

For five years, Acobarry Foundation has made modest contributions in each of the four pillars of the Foundation, to better our society. The Foundation is determined to leave legacies that will stand the test of time.

What we have done and the Impact Made:

In 2018 when we commenced organized charity works, we built six units of modern toilets, for the students of St. Christopher Church, Ndiakwu, Otolo. Before then, the students were engaged in open defecation as their old toilet was since filled and no longer in use.

This was a serious need for the students and we addressed this identified need. Same year, we donated the transformer given to the Foundation’s founder by Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, to the Church and the school. This project is in line with the four pillars of our Foundation.

Since 2018, the Foundation has continued to spend about N1,000,000 to assist less fortunate members of our community here in Nnewi, to offset their medical bills. The idea behind this is that prosperity cannot be pursued at the expense of one’s health. Our intervention in this area is a means to an end.

Since 2018, we have at least N1,000,000 to offset tuition and other school charges on indigent primary and secondary school pupils. This is done across Nnewi, throughout the four quarters of the town.

This year, we have been focused in our education support and scholarship opportunity for graduate students, while still carrying on with the annual support and tuition for primary and secondary students.

The Foundation gave a scholarship worth N1,000,000 to a graduate student to pursue his master degree in Nigerian university. We also gave an international scholarship to an indigene of Nnewi, to pursue her master degree in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the Acobarry Charity Foundation has a lot of projects either ongoing or soon to be completed projects. Only yesterday, the Foundation gave a motorcycle to an indigene of Nnewi to help ease the stress of running around for business and also save cost of transportation.

In the next two months, plans have been concluded to commence a careful financial empowerment of petty business owners across Nnewi.

Speaking during the event, the leader of the Acobarry Foundation Delegates said:

“Today, we have come to commensurate with you over the death of your dear mother. We have also come to present this gift of a motorcycle to aid with all the running around for the burial and other works in the palace. May the soul of your dear mother find eternal rest in the Lord’s bosom, Amen.

“Your Highness, we are also here to seek your association with the work we are doing at Acobarry Charity Foundation, as our patron.

“Thank you, Your Highness. We are honoured to be received warmly in your palace.”

In response, Obidiugwu appreciated Hon. Chukwuma for his kind gestures and pledges his unalloyed support with the good people of Nnewichi towards the good deeds and humanitarian service of Acobarry charity foundation.

Further in his remarks, he unequivocally confirmed Acobarry charity foundation as one of the best foundations with human face in Nnewi and prayed that God will continue to bless and strengthen him in his humanitarian work. Read more.

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