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Aboh Mbaise state assembly result can’t stand, INEC must return to Collation Center

INEC must return to the Collation Center and continue the collation process from where we were before the invasion by state sponsored thugs

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Since the infamous declaration of Eddie Obinna as the beneficiary of the greatest electoral heist in the history of Mbaise land, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been unable to make public the results of the criminal allocation of votes to Eddie Obinna.

The architects of this subversive act have done everything humanly possible to put the figures in comprehensible format to no avail.

It is not enough to declare Eddie Obinna, as the purported winner of the election, the real task lies with putting convincing facts together to show all working and breakdown of votes from the Polling Units to the Wards.

This is the reason why all INEC staff at Aboh Mbaise have gone underground.

However, we want to assure you that we are not crude, uncivil or pugnacious. We are NOT violent.

We shall pursue our mandate with utmost civility, tact, logic and intelligence; because we know that no amount of Algebra, Almighty Formula or mathematical theory being invoked can upturn the facts in our possession.

We wish to call the attention of the discerning public to these pertinent questions;

(a)     Where are the copies of the results of the 12 Ward Collation Officers?

(b)     Where are the copies of the results of the LGA RACTECHS?

(c)     Where are the copies of the results of the Supervisory Presiding Officers?

(d)     Where did the Returning Officer declare Eddie Obinna as the winner of the election?

(e)     How many Party agents witnessed this purported declaration as provided by the law?

Why was Hon. Mike Iheanetu, the PDP agent bundled out of the Collation Center like a common criminal?

However, no matter how hard it takes the stammering child, he must surely pronounce his father’s name.

Barr. Anayo Aham
Director General
Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie Campaign Organisation (Next Door)

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