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A clarion call against terrorism and radicalization

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David Jona JangIt was a case of foolish ears that accommodates speeches that sleeps as we listened with keen attention over some unwarranted superfluous statement credited

to some acclaimed Ibiron Youth leader on the popular morning program Kakaki aired on African Independent Television (AIT) station of Thursday morning the 3rd of September, 2015.

The unguided statement credited to the Ibiron indigene emphatically tailored the sling track of tribalism and sectionalism that is a hoax and a foul cry. Such statement is tantamount of eliciting crisis, division and puncturing the fragile peace the State is currently battling to enjoy and stabilize.  Plateau State is one, so it has always been and so it will remain. Parading and misinforming the public on the screen about the sincere fight against terrorism and condemning the Nigeria Army despite their effort so far which has rendered several of their families widows and orphans is nothing short of hatred, self-pity and deformed mind set.

In this era of positive change that is sweeping across the surface of the country and where every Governor of each state has taken it upon themselves to be assiduous with the task of their states, some acclaimed youth leader has rather hid under the auspices of “Youth Forum’’ to make some negative comments just to tarnish the image and the good work the Governor has embarked upon. Trying to sensitize the public negatively on the basis of fallaciousness and placing yourself to attract pity is sad and highly acrimonious.

It is rather regrettable and unfortunate that these same set of youth leaders are so uninformed and beclouded with sentiments as regards the reality on ground. They have resorted to cheap publicity blackmail and seeking for attention by every available means.  The present Administration of Muhammadu Buhari did not orchestrate or invoke this sordid tension in the land but inevitably inherited it. Even at that, it has not crossed its legs on the fight of this dreaded act in order to free her citizens from the clutches of this evil.

For the records, terrorism and radicalism became a new phase of challenge that almost every state in the country has witnessed of late. To say the least, those who stood on the fence to tailor and apportion blames are so alien to what Terrorism and Radicalization is all about.

This trend, being a negative appellation to our drive and aspiration as a country whose sanctity is almost engulfed by this devilish trend thereby locking the serenity and the pride of our achievement in a concave and disgruntled cellular, the least we ought to do is not to contribute to the continuous abysmal disarray by these no-good sets of wet blankets. The past Governor, David Jona Jang witnessed same unrest in the state and the crisis in question didn’t just start with the advent and inception of the present Governor, His Excellency, Simon Lalong.

It is therefore quite laughable and a high level of aberration for an educated youth to openly reeled out some unguided statement just to tarnish the image of the hard working Governor whose every step since he took over from his predecessor is to combat the internal unrest that is being championed and occasioned by some miscreants in the state.  

It is on record that the Federal Government in her drive has not rested on her oars as the security issue has gained momentum and wide consciousness, thereby fighting and disposing every effort at her disposal to curb and put the ugly monstrous practice to a permanent rest. There is no gain saying trying to hoodwink the present Government that it has relaxed on the fight against terrorism and radicalization whereas the opposite is the case. Being a global issue, countries around the world has all gotten so deeply involved in arresting terrorism and its sponsors. Plateau State’s issue is not peculiar and as such, it will be out of place to give the Governor a bad name in order to hang him on the pontiff.

Governor Lalong so far, has remained a focused, dedicated public servant whose major aim is to achieve the manifestos he dished out to the good people of Plateau State during his campaign. We the Youth body of the State will not give any room for some paid distractions by enemies of democratic principles and progress. We have verged to make Plateau State a better place of abode for all and any attempt to deviate from that enviable template will not only been seen as a form of distraction but witchcraft. His Excellency deserves cooperation from all and has been following with due procedure, the road map which encapsulates the developmental strides of the State and also tackling security issues as that has toppled his agenda lately.

The youths want to reiterate here without equivocation that we are solidly behind the governor and his agenda to catapult Plateau State to a glorious greater height.  We the youth of the Plateau State will not give any room or tolerate any form of vices in Plateau State. We vehemently refuse any act or means of luring or cajoling anybody to ferment trouble in order to discredit the present Government. We are on the watch and anybody found wanting, no matter how highly placed will be brought to book to face the wrath of the law.

We therefore by this medium, call on all Plateau indigenes to lend their hands and assist the law enforcement agent in tackling this crisis that is threatening the peaceful haven of Plateau State, especially the internally evil act as perpetuated out at night and on farm roads.  This attack MUST stop forthwith.

Lastly, we call and appeal to His Excellency, Barrister Simon Lalong to look inward and engage well trained youth whose qualification and field of studies revolves round this area and have the basic and in depth knowledge of terrorism and radicalization to be able to curtail this trend via educating and eradicating same and work with them as the fight to restore Plateau Image is for all to contribute towards. Security is everybody’s business, hence, anybody that has the interest of the State at heart should NOT sit down with arms akimbo and resort to cheap blackmail and condemnation because the state is ours and we have none other. Enough is enough!

Com. Turnoe Hyacinth Hovel

National Coordinator, Youth against Terrorism and Radicalism


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