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A call for Buhari’s impeachment

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buhariThere are qualified, uncorrupt, loyal and patriotic Nigerians from all sections/tribes of the country.

The Southerners praising the one sided Buhari’s appointments so far, especially the Yoruba Muslims are suffering from inferiority complex. These are Malam wannabes who wears Hausa/Fulani hats and head rags on Fridays trying to look like an Hausa/Fulani man. They have lost their identity, self pride and heritage.

If we don’t speak out now, Buhari will continued to promote his ethnic domination that may lead to ethnic cleansing. 

There are enemies of united Nigeria encouraging Buhari in his myopic decisions. These are people praying that such blatant discrimination would lead to a war between the North and the South. These are people who would like to see the Southern Christians fighting a war against the Northern Muslims. These are the same people who have been providing weapons and money to Boko Haram for years.

The persistent marginalization of the people of Southern Nigeria would only inflame Radio and TV Biafra propagandists and the agitation of those advocating self rule and separatism.

People are afraid to speak out against President Buhari because of fear of retribution, probe and hope for crumbs. I am not one of them. If Buhari does not change, we would wage a war against his administration in the Diaspora just like we did against IBB and Abacha.

Akib Abiola

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