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2023: Group urges Nigerians to allow spirit and ideology of June 12 to guide them


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Movement For Election of Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction has pleaded to Nigeria electorate to allow spirit, philosophy and patriotism of June 12 1993 presidential election to guide and propels them as they make choices of our president and vice president, National Assembly Members on 25th February and 11th March governorship and House of Assembly elections.

To make Nigeria working again optimally to delight of Nigerians and international community, we must reenact patriotism, selfless, overall interest of Nigeria above religiosity, ethnicity, tribal or clan cleavages if truly and really, we want to rescue and take back our country for the good and better of our citizens and dear country.

Pertinently, it will be the greatest achievement for Nigerians to rekindled people’s hope, trust, love and faith in the country by voting for competent, capacity, capability, and contentment, meritocracy, prudent, selfless and detribalized.

It is no exaggeration but existential reality that the presidential candidate of Labour Party Mr. Peter Obi is the only candidate that possesses these qualities and is more than qualified to steer the sheep of leadership of the country for the better.

This is contained in a press statement issued to newsmen endorsed by Evangelist Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme Convener/National President and Amb. Prof. Justus Chidi tagged “thirty years after June 12 let us reenact patriotism and love” Nigerians, international community and generation yet unborn will be very grateful to us and celebrate us if we use this year general elections to reenact patriotism, oneness, justice, equality, inclusiveness and sense of belonging that characterized June 12 1993 presidential election.

Fortunately, presidential candidate of Labour Party Mr. Peter Obi has demonstrated in words and actions a true patriot who is capable and willing to rescue, restore and revamp our country and economy.

He has done what no politician has done or will do in future.

It is existential reality that he is the only ex political office holder that has not received pensions and gratuity since he left office in March 2014.Only politician that governed without borrowing money yet left #75 billion while leaving office. While his colleagues engaged in an unbridled quest for materialism, he rejected land allocation from Anambra State government. He rejected car allocation he is officially entitled to as Chairman of Fidelity Bank and Chairman Security and Exchange Commission Board.

He is a man of proven integrity and unblemished record and character.

Obi is generous to fault, prudent, humble and honest.

I was humbled and overwhelmed that Obi as governor of Anambra State made a donation in public function towards the end of his tenure yet redeemed the pledge as ex-governor to surprise and consternation of people.

He speaks little, but achieves much, he speaks and act as a statesman and patriot not as a politician hence he deserved our support and solidarity. He will certainly accomplish all his electioneering campaigns promises beyond expectations if elected.

It is on record that Obi has proved wrong assertion of Renowned English Poet and Author Louis Howe wrong “you cannot be active in politics and be honest and transparent. Mr. Peter Obi is not only honest and transparent but also humble, prudent, tolerant, energetic, competent and capable to redeem, renew, rescue and restore our country’s lost glory through his reformative, transformative, sacrificial, and selfless and God-fearing servant leadership if voted into power.

Finally for rapid socioeconomic, political growth, development, peace, progress and prosperity of our dear country let us vote for Mr. Peter Obi is the best candidate and has the wherewithal and panacea towards solving and resolving myriads of problems and challenges bedeviling the country.

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